Well hello there beautiful doe of the dunes.

This graceful, slender beauty leisurely strolled, and then pranced, up to me while I was filming PiPls. I stood very still as she came closer and closer, trying not to move a muscle. With great curiosity, she spent a few minutes looking at me. The doe came so close, I could have reached out my hand and touched her.

After the once over from her, and a magical moment for me, she then proceeded to walk a few feet away and take a very long pee in a tide pool. I was filming, not photographing at this point, and so it was captured on film. I don’t know why I think this was funny, I guess because while I was thinking, this is so beautiful, perhaps she was wondering if I was a tree and a suitable place to go pee.

Dancing along with the waves at the shoreline, she was heading back to the the dunes when a photographer boxed her into a corner, forcing her to cross the creek and go up the rocky incline to Sherman’s Point, and then cross the road. I prayed she would not get hit by a car (FYI, the photographer had a huge telephoto lens!)

Half an hour later I was further down the beach and happily surprised as the doe came in from the road. She had circled all the way around, her tongue was hanging out and she was out of breath. After a few sips of water at the creek, the elegant White-tailed doe of the dunes crossed the marsh and made her way back home.

Beautiful sunrise yesterday morning, too.

Doe Tracks – I have been making a photographic record of all the different types of animal prints that we see at Good Harbor Beach in the morning. Usually, the deer tracks are in the softer sand and not as clearly defined.


A couple of summers ago my boys started making a point to place spare change (if there is really such a thing) in a special little spot in a brick chimney in Rockport.  Every once in a while they would happen by and find a nickel or a quarter there, presumably, for the taking.  They would always replace it with something of their own….or, if they didn’t have anything to leave, they would ask me to take them back later in the day to make their “deposit.”   I have no idea if this is a thing or not…but, they both love/d the game.  Thatch has kind of outgrown it, but Finn still loves to play.  The other day he asked me to stop and said he was going to put in the $2 that he had in his pocket.   I told him that was too much and wasn’t as subtle.  I gave him some change…but, when I looked back I saw that he had left one of his dollar bills as well.  He absolutely loves the leaving more than the taking.



Nutrition Series with Darren Burke – Healthy Eating on Vacation

Cape Ann Wellness


Did you know that
July and August are the
most popular months
to travel in the U.S.?

Planning a vacation or stay-cation
in the upcoming weeks?

Anxious about indulging and wondering
how you can stay on track
and return home guilt free?

Get excited for vacation, not stressed!

Join Darren Burke, Certified Nutritionist, for an educational lecture series that will highlight simple and effective ways to clean up your eating habits. You’ll learn about what foods are in season and recipes that incorporate those foods. Sign up and head into these warmer months feeling refreshed and healthy!

Healthy Eating on Vacation
Thursday, July 25, 2019
6:00 PM in the MAC Business Office

Sign up with Darren: dburke@macathletics.com

$5 member fee
$10 non member

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O’Maley Middle School Free Preforming Arts Performance – Thursday 7/18

Cape Ann Community

Please join us:

When: 12 noon on Thursday, July 18th

Where: O’Maley Innovation Middle School Auditorium

What: 60+ O’Maley Academy Drama Camp students will perform 2 short plays:

Us and Them by David Campton and The First People by Faye Davis and Company. 

Admission is free.

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Harbormaster TJ Ciarametaro Talks About New Kayak Racks Being Installed in #GloucesterMA and The Importance Of Labeling Your Kayak To Help @USCG Identify Missing Crafts

Did you know the city is putting up Kayak storage places near landings and that you can apply for one?

All the info is on the City harbormaster page- https://gloucesterma.mooringinfo.com/



Gloucester Map 1937

A lovely map of the Gloucester/Rockport area is a bonus find from the 1937-38 Gloucester City Directory. Here’s a small portion of it which generates a few observations:

The current Tavern on the Harbor was previously the site of a home for “Aged Women”!

Trask Oaks appears to have been a neighborhood in the vicinity of Trask Street. Were there prominent oak trees nearby perhaps?

It’s interesting to note that many of the wharves are named.

So many schoolhouses! I don’t think those kids walked “five miles uphill both ways in the snow and rain” , though it may have been uphill!

Do you notice the steam ferry route?

I hope you like looking at old maps as much as I do!

Gloucester map 1937 directory

Vintage #Castiron #Hibachi Restore Pics and Description Start To Finish

Northeast BBQ

The pick up and inspection:
While it was obvious the hibachi had never been used, there was a fair amount of surface rust on the cooking grid, cookbox and hardware that held everything together. The wood base was dusty and faded.

Further inspection and breaking down:

The thing rod that holds the wood handles to the cooking grid had the most surface rust but all the nuts came free after hitting them with the wire brush and steel wool.  Same for the nuts that held the wood base to the cook box.


The tools used were steel wool, wire brush, abrasive sponge and a rag.


Started out hitting any and all surface rust with the small wire brush and then…

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Our Latest Electric Bill- Why I Love My Solar Install I Have A $320.94 Electric Bill Credit And My House Is All Electric Baseboard Heat

Here’s a screenshot of my electric bill, we’ve accumulated over $300 in electric company credit. There’s nothing better than that feeling!

Call Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar to find out how you can help the environment and be cash flow positive right off the bat with Solar. Total no-brainer, and Tim’s company makes it look natural on your home.

Call Tim (774) 228-3411 And Tell Him Joey Sent Ya!

Best Financial Investment Ever.

Easiest Money I’ve Ever Made.

Racking Up Those Electricity Credits!

Our latest Electric Bill!!!!

Here’s the proof, and our house is all electric baseboard heat. We’re making money baby!
I especially like this part-

“Please do not mail payment. You have a credit balance on your account.”

If you don’t like money, then don’t call Tim.




First 2019 Gloucester Block Party is in the Book!

Saturday night in beautiful downtown Gloucester and the joint was jumping. Lots of great entertainment, food and merchants making the night very merry! Red Pants Guys and the Dancers made center stage an attraction not to miss. Bank Gloucester, Cape Ann Savings and the West End Stage provided a wide selection of music to enjoy. Big thanks to Susan Coviello, this one was a great success, can’t wait for the next two that will be even better!!!

Beach Update From Mayor Sefatia