One Hour at a Time Gang

Hi kids:


Hope everyone is keeping dry:


Where:                 Main and Rogers

When:                  Saturday, June 22, 2019

Time:                    08:00 – 09:00

 Since Fiesta will be starting, yeah, we should park on Rogers near Mingle wood. 

 Thanks kids





Gloucester Education Foundation Gift from the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

Presentation of major gift in the amount of $150,000 to the Gloucester Education Foundation for automotive technology program by Warren Waugh of Lyon-Waugh.  The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group has made a three year commitment of $50,000 per year.  This program is currently fully enrolled andwith this support additonal students wishing to pursue career in the growing technology field will have the opportunity to enter this popular program.  Mr. Waugh, states “The importance of giving back is essential and is at the core of what we do and who we are.  We believe through our philanthropy we can make an impact in people’s lives, and stregthen our communities.  Giving back is good and we are happy to do so as long as we are able.”


One Hour at a Time Gang

Good day kids, hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday clean up

When:                  Saturday, June 15, 2019

Where:                 Route 133, we can park on the Blvd.

Time:                    08:00 – 09:00

Thanks kids and take care


One Hour at a Time Gang Clean Up

Hi kids:

Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry. As I went by the foot bridge near Good Harbor Beach, the street could use some TLC.

When:                  Saturday, May 18, 2019

Time:                    08:00 – 09:00

Where:                 Good Harbor Beach near the foot bridge

If you have pickers probably would be good idea to bring them along.

Thank you all and take care


Backyard Growers BUILD Day

One Hour at a Time Gang

We need your muscle power! 💪

Backyard Growers’ 10th growing season is off to a great start – in spite of the weather! For our BUILD Day 2019, we’re making a final push to build new garden beds for families and seniors around Cape Ann so that they can enjoy their own fresh veggies this summer and into the fall. But we can’t do it without you! WE NEED YOUR HELP to build these garden beds.

Interested in joining the party? Meet us at Backyard Growers HQ (271 Main Street) in downtown Gloucester at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 11, ready to get your hands dirty, make a difference, and have an awesome time! Rumor has it it’s going to be SUNNY🌞, too!

Generous Gardeners Plant Sale

Plant Sale, Saturday, May 18, 2019
Thank you Generous Gardeners

Plant sale May 18th 9 to 1:00 on the boulevard by the tennis courts! Please dig, divide, and share, drop off Friday afternoon on the boulevard! It’s all about the beautification of our beautiful city of Gloucester!🌺🌻🌷💐😀

Great turn out for The Gloucester Clean up on Saturday

Even though the weather was not great early in the morning, there were great numbers of wonderful volunteers cleaning up.  I would like to thank Joe from the DPW who was downtown, he was wonderful and really helped us out.  Thank you the volunteers and to One Ocean One Love for the great cookout.

One Ocean One Love location

47 Parker R Street

Gloucester, MA  01930


Gloucester’s Meg Colby at game 7 Bruins game

Meg Colby won gold, silver and bronze at last summer’s special Olympics and on April 23, 2019 she was the Fan Banner Captain at game 7 of the Bruins.  Meg is such a great kid.

From Bruins! We are excited to have you in for Game 7 on Tuesday, April 23, as our Fan Banner Captain. The giant Bruins flag has been traditionally passed by fans before all Bruins playoff games since 2009. In past seasons, inspirational figures including Bruins legends, first responders, individuals affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and others have served as honorary captains to start the banner’s trip around TD Garden’s Loge section. This season the honor will go to various local heroes and champions who are deeply connected to the city and the greater New England community, including athletes from Special Olympics of Massachusetts.


Earth Day and The One Hour at a Time Gang

Since the weather and it is Easter weekend, The One Hour at a Time Gang will be taking the weekend off. But next Saturday Gloucester is celebrating Earth Day. The One Hour at a Time Gang will be at St. Peter’s Square.  Not the time change.  It will start at 9:00.


Thanks kids


Another Burnham’s Field clean-up in the books!

Thanks to all the peeps who came out to clean up Burnham’s Field on Saturday – and to everyone who picks up litter around our city every day. Thanks to Rose with the DPW for arranging the yellow trash big pick-up, City Councilor Melissa Cox (below, left) and Councilor Paul Lundberg, who ducked out before we could take his photo.

clean up april 2019 group

clean up april 2019 john mahoney

Neighbor John Mahoney was picking up litter like a boss.

The One Hour at a Time Gang

Hi peeps:


Hope everyone is well. This Saturday’s clean up:

When:                  Saturday, April 6, 2019

Where:                 Magnolia Avenue

We can park at Kondelin Road

Time:                    08:00 – 09:00

Please bring gloves and if you have pickers please bring them as well.

Thanks all


Information on Gloucester’s Sidewalk Buttlers, information from Gloucester Clean Committee

Ever wonder what happens to all of the cigarettes our Sidewalk Buttlers collect? TerraCycle composts the paper and cotton, and the plastics are melted down and repurposed into new items like park benches! Read more about how it works here:

Volunteers empty approximately 4,000 butts per month from these receptacles. Combined with the butts they collect from beach cleanup events, they have collected more than 270,000 butts in a little over two years, according to Juli Marciel, Surfrider’s coordinator for the program.

Volunteers put these collected butts into boxes with postage-paid labels supplied by Terracycle, a company recycling a wide variety of products.

This bench in Ventura is made from recycled cigarette butts and has a memorial plaque for Paul Herzog, Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Gardens coordinator. (Photo: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/LARS DAVENPORT)

The One Hour at a Time Gang

Good morning kids:

 Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the spring and summer. 

 Time to get out there again as a group.

 Date:                    Saturday, March 30, 2019

Time:                    8:00 – 09:00

Where:                 St. Peters Square

We can do Main and Rogers. 

 Look forward to seeing all you smiling faces.



A message from our friend Iain Kerr from Ocean Alliance

Dear Friends,

Chris, Andy and I have just arrived in Loreto. As advised previously we are pretty damn excited to be taking part in the BBC Blue Planet Live Series. You can find more information on the show here: BBC Blue Planet Live. As I understand it the first show went live today, with Chris Packham and the crew in San Ignacio Lagoon. I have it on good faith that Chris was downwind of a grey whale and he got Snotted!

I made a mistake in my last e mail, I thought that there were three shows but it turns out there are four.

I am also excited but terrified to report that they have asked me to take part in the 4th live show on Sunday. So you can catch us on live TV on Wednesday the 27th (SnotBot with blue whales….🤞🤞) and Sunday 31st of March, EarBot and Humpback whales (🤞🤞).  Right now my biggest concern is finding whales and good weather, preferably both at the same time, then of course not making a fool of myself on live TV.

For those of you not in England, there is a way to watch the show live on your computer, Chris says you have to get a VPN, which before last week I had never heard of.  In short if the BBC website thinks that your computer is in England it will let you watch the show.

Clearly if you can’t watch the show live I am sure BBC will put it up on their website so I will send that information out next week.

So here we go – Get a VPN

  1. Download NordVPN 7 day free trial (
    1. Make sure to remember to cancel before the 7th day to avoid being charged $100+ for the 3 year subscription
    2. Alternatively, you can buy one month for $11.99
  2. After you’ve signed up for the trial, download and install the VPN app on your computer
  3. Open the VPN app, log into your account
  4. Search for “United Kingdom” server in the country list
    1. Once connected to a server, now the internet thinks you are in the UK

Create BBC account

  1. Go to BBC iPlayer (
  2. Register for an account (
  3. Choose United Kingdom as your country, and put in a UK postal code, this one should work: SW191AA
  4. Verify your email address with the email sent to you after registering


  1. Log back into BBC iPlayer and search for Blue Planet Live if it already aired, or if you’re trying to watch live go to channels and click on BBC ONE, then click “watch live”
  2. When asked if you have a TV License, click YES
  3. Press play
    1. If you get a message that says “This content doesn’t seem to be working” – go back to your VPN app and click United Kingdom again, it will give you a new server number, refresh BBC iPlayer and try again. You might need to try a few different UK servers before you get one that works.

I will try to send out a few blogs from our time here, until then….

Best Fishes from Loreto.


Iain Kerr

Cell: 978 760 1784