The Bluest #BlueLobster I Ever Saw Came In And Went Out Today At The Dock In #GloucesterMA

I’ve been at the dock for 42 years.  a long time.  I’ve seen probably 6 blue lobsters in my time here but none as blue as the one brought in today and released.


Rare Orange #Lobster Caught By Mike Tufts Aboard The Mighty F/V Degelyse

Our lobsterman Mike Tufts catches a rare orange#lobster. If we didn’t shoot the video to show it moving and alive you’d think it was cooked. He returned it to the sea once he let us shoot the video.

Click here to see pages and pages of other mutated lobsters we’ve documented at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company 

#mutantlobster #GloucesterMA#lobstercompany #beautifulindustry


Oh what a day to kayak and swim on Sunday

Rick and I went kayaking on Sunday in Gloucester Harbor, we visited Joey, Rocky Neck, had lunch on Ten Pound Island, met Bridgette and Neil on Ten Pound Island and then off to Niles Beach to visit Felicia and B.J. It was fantastic.

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Captain Dave Jewell stopped by Captain Joe’s with his adorable new Labrador puppy Stormtrooper (his young kids are Star Wars fans). He knows how much Joey loves puppies 🙂

captain-dave-jewell-puppy-copyright-kim-smithCaptain Dave Jewell and Trooper


Extremely rare in these waters, Captain Pete Mondello brought in this cool trigger fish to share with us. #triggerfish #commercialfishing #lobstercompany #lobster #GloucesterMA

Thank Goodness We Still Have The Tommy O Designed Outriggers For Captain Mike Tupper

Gotta Keep The Patients Upright In Rough Seas!


Above the latest patient- Mike Tupper back on An Even Keel Thanks To Tommy O’s Engineered Personal Outriggers.

Tommy O displays the prototype built back in 2013 for a vertigo addled Pete Mondello-

2013-08-25 16.22.57

and here’s a happy Pete ready to go fishing-


Lots of activity @CaptJoeLobster this morning. It’s go time for #lobster season. Let’s do this! #lobstercompany #GloucesterMA

Thunderstorms clearing over #GloucesterMA Harbor. Looks like a #fishing day after all. #Lobster #lobstercompany


Here’s Tuffy and Forest at 4:45AM

#Sunrise @CaptJoeLobster #GloucesterMA Time To Get That #Lobster.


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First Calico #Lobster Of The Season @CaptJoeLobster #GloucesterMA @NEAQ Says They’re Incredibly Rare.

The New England Aquarium pegs the odds of getting one at 1 in 30 million. Read the article here


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This photo from Isabella and Stephen  Bates was submitted as possibly a Peregrine Falcon however, I think it is a Red-tailed Hawk. Please write if you can confirm or correct, much appreciated. Isabella and Stephen shared that the hawk was feeding on the suet when it picked up the feeder in its talons and carried it away!

IMG_0010Martin Ray sculpture in the background