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Sea gull steals wallet / bag – recovery from roof top

A seagull snatched a wallet / bag from young couple on  Friday the 13th on Main Street at about 9:00 PM.  Fortunately a crew was setup lights for Saturday Block Party.  The crew recovered the bag / wallet from the roof top for the young couple.

2018-07-13 021

2018-07-13 019

2018-07-13 016

2018-07-13 024

Visitors to Gloucester

So many visitors to Gloucester from as far away as Australia, California, and China.. We do have a great place to visit.  I totally enjoyed meet these nice people, giving them directions, places to eat, and  see.  Most of them become Friends of the Blog (FOB), and enjoy Gloucester year round through the blog.


This couple from California, were stay at the Beauport Hotel.

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