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International Dory Races

The International Dory Races were held yesterday morning at the Jodrey State Fish Pier with GLOUCESTER winning 3 out of 4 races against Nova Scotia.

Mixed Doubles

USA:       Alex Pizzamenti & John Francis (W)

Canada:  Lisa Tanner & Robert Fox

Women’s Division

USA:       Alexis Novello & Kristen Burnham

Canada:  Gail Atkinson & Kath Moore (W)

Master’s Division

USA:       Mike Harmon & John Scola (W)

Canada:  Willie Wells & Walter Nickerson

Senior’s Division

USA:       Mark & Nick Giacalone (W)

Canada:  Brent & Todd Dempsey 





St. Peter’s Novena begins

While the skies raged outside, it was a peaceful, beautiful night inside the Legion for the first night of St. Peter’s Novena.   This year’s Altar depicts St. Peter as Captain of the vessel “Novena” carrying all into safe harbors.   VIVA San Pietro!


Novena to St. Peter begins tonight

Tonight begins the first of 9 days of “Novena” to St. Peter at 7pm @ The American Legion Hall located on 8 Washington Street Gloucester MA.   All are welcome to attend this prayer of the Rosary to St. Peter which will run from this evening June 18th to Tuesday, June 26th .


Sugar Hill, NH Adventures

Spent some time up North this weekend and  if you find yourself up in the White Mountains, NH area in the next couple weeks, it’s worth the trip to head up to Sunset Road in Sugar Hill, NH (Franconia Notch area) and take a walk through the beautiful Lupine field overlooking the White Mountains.   It’s a pretty stroll with quotes to read along the way.   While you are there you should stop in at the Sugar Hill Sampler Barn and browse all the handmade goods and then head down the road to Harman’s Cheese and Country store and grab a block of delicious homemade cheddar cheese (my fav is the horseradish!).   If you are there before 3pm, stop and grab some breakfast/brunch at Polly’s Pancake Parlor for the yummiest pancake fix!!   Enjoy some of my early morning pics in the fields!





Lupines at Sugar Hill, NH

I’m pretty sure when my husband married me he didn’t think I’d be dragging him up to NH at 1 AM  to stand in a very dark field of lupines, waiting two hours for the Milky Way to come into the frame, all the while looking for the cellphone I dropped somewhere in the field because i thought there was an animal coming lol!   Also, I’m pretty sure he didn’t think we’d be sleeping in the car for an hour while we wait for the sun to rise up over the White Mountains so I could get a few more shots of the silly flowers!   He’s a keeper!!   Off for a nap!

St. Matthews ~ Sugar Hill, NH

Lupine Sunrise ~ Sugar Hill, NH

Launch of the Viking Boat Polaris

The Essex Shipbuilding Museum hosted the launch of the 38′ Viking Boat Polaris yesterday in the shipyard along with talks and demonstrations from her Owner Stuart Boyd, Builder, Jay Smith and Captain Arista Holden.  For more info check them out at




It’s a fun time of year to be a spectator on social media!!  I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful spring brides, the college graduates with their proud families and tonight I’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone all gussied up for the GHS prom!   Wishing all the kids a safe and memorable night!


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