Friday the 13th Full Moon arrives 7:08:53 PM on Cape Ann

I did the caculation for Granite Pier in Rockport. If you are on good Harbor Beach the moon’s upper limb breaks the horizon two seconds earlier. Tonight full moon is not super. The opposite of super at aphelion, furthest from earth.

But it is a Friday. And it is the thirteenth. So if you see Jason Voorhees with a hockey mask just run away. He does not move very fast. Do not trip, do not go in the basement. If you go into a room, turn the light on. If it does not work, run away. Do not have sex. Do not visit any rooms or especially the garage where there are power tools.

Friday August 13, 2049 is the next time this will occur. I’ll be 94 and likely lobster food way before then so I am going to take a peek tonight.


7:08:53 PM Friday the 13th Full Moonrise – Sunset is 6:56 PM

Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute to Sequence another Blue Lobster


Ashley from GMGI gets another GMG Blue Lobster from Joey.

Translation: Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute will be sequencing the blue lobster and comparing it to a wild type lobster to find the genes that make it blue. We know why it is blue but we do not know all of the genes that control the changes in chemistry that make it blue.

Future: With all of the genes mapped we could apply CRISPR technology and make all Cape Ann lobsters blue. All we  need an insane scientist …

Don’t ban helium ballons. Just don’t buy them.

Wrong tide, wrong wind but I wanted some mackerel for my smoker so I’m whipping a little silver dude into the wind and a helium ballon floats by. There is a swirl behind it so I cast behind it and sure enough a small striped bass too dumb to know better is trying to eat the streamer. I reel her in and put her back in the water and chased down the balloon that went up on the rocks a hundred yards downwind.

So this is my public service announcement. We don’t have to ban these things, just don’t buy them.

Don’t be a bad dad. If you want to be bad, pop these things in the checkout line at Market Basket. I will bail you out. Promise.

If you impulse buy one in the Market Basket checkout because you forgot your daughter’s birthday, stop. You are a bad dad. Don’t make it worse. Buy a box of oreos instead.

Last year’s haul. They last forever. Every tiny bit looks like food to a fish.

Gypsy Moths dying in so many ways

This oak is on the south edge of Carlson’s Quarry in the middle of ground zero of last year’s gypsy moth infestation in Rockport. The leaves were ompletely munched, they leafed out again in August.

Today they look very happy. The overwinter gypsy moth egg masses are about one tenth in number or less of last year. And the ones that were still viable look like this photo. 10-15 tiny holes where the new catapillars crawled out instead of 50-200 holes.

So the rain, hard freeze cycle we had this winter was tough on them and the wet spring is supposedly great for the fungus e. maimaiga. That fungus will be active once these caterpillars get to be full sized and it eats them from the inside out releasing spores from the cadaver.

If you see stiff caterpillar cadavers hanging vertical, leave them be. They will release spores and kill more. If you see the caterpillar stiff and hanging send in a photo and you win a GMG bumper sticker. Start looking mid June. I saw some of the little bastards in Lobster Cove, Annisquam yesterday and the fungus has to wait until they are fat and worth eating.

The Boss says to Post Seasonal Openings. OK

So Joey assigned this cub reporter the task of seasonal openings when RD and I were hired back in 2010. If you search on “seasonal openings” on GMG I did pretty well for a few years. But I have slacked off.

Why? Two reasons.

• It’s 2019 and every opening is covered by the restaurant Facebook page and official website. I think, “Hmmm time for a fried fish sandwich at The Cupboard” and sure enough their Facebook page tells me they are open.

I’ll take a slice of American cheese on my fried fish sandwich to go so I can sit out on Gloucester outer harbor.

• Ah, but visitng The Cupboards official website points out why writing the seasonal openings is a pain in the ass. They are announcing the Schooner Festival in 2016 as their latest post!

Look, if your restaurant has plenty of customers go ahead and blow off social media and the internet and make sure your website looks like shit on my iPhone.

But if you might like new customers keep your presence on the internet fresh. Assign the busboy the task of posting a special every week. At least announce when you are going to open for the season.

I used to start seasonal openings on March 7 and build up the anticipation. Bah humbug. It’s May 12 and everything is open unless it’s not. Check their website. 🙂

Now Three Osprey Eggs and the Bruins won!

By puck drop last night Mama Osprey was skating on three eggs. Now the wait begins. Who finishes first? By June 15 there may be a Bruin Stanley Cup Trophy and three baby osprey. The over/under is set now for June 9, I’ll take the over.

Rotating her stock at 5 PM before the puck dropped. 3 eggs! Hard to see since she covers them as well as Tuukka.
Bruins score first goal and Dougie has the sads.

No Show for #2 Egg

If you are Osprey watching here and wondering if it is the future mom or dad, here is my cheat sheet. There are a ton of differences none of which I can pick up except for the splotchy necklace on her while the dude is clean white down the neck.

If the dude is on the nest then there is a zero chance of egg laying. She is on the nest right now getting all scrunchy. It will be hard to make out the two eggs since they have squished #1 out of sight.

Lost your shirt on the Derby? Place your bets on Osprey Egg #2

Egg #1 today.

On 5/3/2019 anonymous osprey watcher informed me that Lobstaland mama opsrey squeezed an egg out at 5:28 PM. As all osprey handicappers know she will likely pinch egg #2 out 48 hours later.

So I am setting the over/under for today at 5:28 PM. Place your bets in the comment section below. Pick over or under and also the time. Winner gets a wet kiss from Rubber Duck. The Lobstaland Osprey Peep Show click here.

The camera may go offline at 6PM. Bookies will take this into account.

Expert opinion by Rubber Duck: Smart money says cold weather slows down metabolism but if you had an egg stuck up your ass sitting on a cold nest wouldn’t you want to speed things up? RD picks the under 3:15 PM

Bets left on the facebook post also valid.

The Lobstaland Osprey just laid an egg!!


If all goes to plan she will squeeze out two more eggs in two day intervals.
Cinco de Mayo for bro 2 and May 7 for baby brother.

If you look at the tape at 4:51 PM is a reddish brown egg for a few seconds then the camera flakes out.

In front of her left foot.

Essex Greenbelt Peeping Toms on Osprey Pair at Lobsta Land!!

Future Mom and Dad Osprey just arrived at the Greenbelt Osprey perch behind Lobsta Land. No need to annoy them in person because Greenbelt has a live cam on them.

Osprey just arrived for the opening of Lobsta Land waiting on their order of Lobster Quesadilla

Here is the link:

Checking it out since they have arrived, Rubber Duck quick tips:

• Scroll to window that is black and click “Live”. If the water is rippling in the background you are looking at live.
• Pin the menu bar (bottom left).
• Go to full screen.
• Do this on an unused laptop and set up in living room so you have a live shot 24/7.
• Live Feeds can take a minute to load. Fastest way to live is click on the film strip, watch a video clip of this morning, then click live. Boom.

Why would you do this? Because first comes love, then comes marriage, and then live sex show and baby osprey!

The camera is 2019 awesome. Way better than Joey’s house finch cam. If the live shot is the empty nest just click on the piece of film in the lower menu and check out what these love birds were doing this morning, or yesterday. But be sure to click back to live since this pair is only gone for a few minutes while they put nice fluffy stuff in the nest.

[edit] While you are there you can click on DONATE. you just paid your taxes yesterday and did you feel grinchy because your tax donations for charity were so measly? Start your tax year off right and do it now.  They will build more osprey nests and we’ll end up with 24/7 free sex shows. Donate to Sexy Osprey click here. Volunteering or becoming a mamber is cool too.

Your kids can make a book!

Katherine Morrison who makes really weird small books of all shapes and sizes from feather and fish to ghouls and origami.

All this month at the Gloucester Sawyer Free Library, a big glass case as you walk in.

Darth Vader: “You have a sister!”
Me: “Well shoot Darth I got a few of those and brothers too. We’re all crazy so back off baritone breath.”

Photos posted to Good Morning Gloucester nepotistically. If that isn’t a word it should be.

How to make an exploding 3D book: Workshops in April and May. Bring your kids 8 to 80. These books don’t scroll like an iPad but you can write on them, sit on them, and even drop them, and dad won’t scream at you!

If I knew how computers worked I would have made a slide show. Oops.

Last minute Christmas Shopping not a problem in Gloucester

No need to panic. Power Shop the West End of Gloucester Main Street. From Alexandra’s Bread down to the Cave there are a ton of shops brimming with stocking stuffers to real unique gifts. Power shop. Cheese counter at The Cave, do not fall for tasting every cheese. Just say, “Give me a half pound of six yummy cheeses. 15 seconds, grab a few flashy gold bottles of Presecco, some crackers, a cutting board, two minutes, tops. Alexandra’s just grab one of everything including sarcastic socks and a puppy covered apron.

Now Pastaio Via Corta (corner shared with Larsen’s Shoes) one might take some time checking out the olives behind the glass and what is on the shelves. Then “Medium container, six different olives you can reach” and meanwhile grab the Presecco that isn’t called Prosecco and the olive oil that you never heard of.

Hit a couple of bookstores, “Give me three new best sellers female author, murder mystery” 60 seconds a new record. Brought my own cloth bags and Christmas was done in 18 minutes tops.

Too much Presecco? I have never had a bottle go bad or even make it to New Year’s Eve. That’s another 18 minutes. No need to be Italian. I’m Scottish and do you think I am going to the Haggas Shop?

Do it today. Some of these shops might be closed on Monday.


Danielle at Pastaio Via Corta taking a break from making fresh pastas with unpronounceable names to ring up wine, olives, olive oil, more pasta, and other yummy stuff.

But if you want to float my boat stop in at Cape Ann Electric Bikes and pick up one of these beautiful bikes.

Kathy and Dan at Electric Bikes. The minimall up from Common Crow, neighbor of Cake Ann.

Santa Arrives in Rockport!!

The Freemantle Doctor driven by Mike Tupper heads down the coast towards Rockport Harbor filled with screaming children chanting SANTA!!
Rockport Cub Scouts wait in anticipation.
Santa and Mrs Claus take a ride over to Spiran Hall to greet a long line of children who want to tell Santa they all want puppies for Christmas. The tree lighting is at 4 PM.

Rubber Duck Baseball Playoff Cheat Sheet

In case you just woke up from a coma, a handy graphic to keep track of the world’s most amazing sport, baseball.

NL Los Angels Dodgers: Tommy Lasorda, Dodger Blue, no one likes you, please lose in an embarrassing way to the Brewers. Dave Roberts does manage them and his stealing of second base in 2004 is a very sweet memory. Don’t tarnish that with this sickening baby blue team.

NL Milwaukee Brewers: They have never ever won an NL pennant and so have never even played in the World Series. Yelich is amazing and adorable in closeup shots. Front row Amy, same description but might be more serious. She inks in every pitch of every game. Never even takes a bathroom break. More reliable than Price.

AL Houston Astros: Won it all last year on the back of Altuve. Completely annoying. Please lose to the Red Sox in dramatic fashion.

AL Boston Red Sox: Three World Series Championships in this century. No one else comes close. Are four too many? No way.

If it so happens that Brewers and Red Sox are in the World Series the nation and the world will be rooting for the underdog.
I’m hoping the Sox give Yelich and Amy a big case of the sads by Halloween.

ps. The only thing that would have made it all perfect is Frank from Gloucester calling into the radio station today to chat about how Sabathia got screwed by the ump (He was terrible.) I can hear his voice in my head right now. R.I.P. Frank. We miss you.

Scuba Diver Missing off Cathedral Rocks

Search for a missing scuba diver off Cathedral Rocks, Pigeon Cove

update 9/5/2018 7:00PM:

ROCKPORT — Lieutenant Mark Schmink reports that the Rockport Police Department is engaged in s a search for a missing diver at this time.

Crews responded to the area of Cathedral Rock near Cathedral Avenue and Green Street at 5:15 p.m. after a scuba diver came ashore reporting that his companion, an adult male, was missing.

A United States Coast Guard cutter is on scene along with the Rockport Harbormaster and Rockport Fire Department, and crews are engaged in an active search and rescue operation at this time. A Coast Guard helicopter is responding from Cape Cod and state and regional dive teams are responding to the scene.

The reporting party told authorities that he was diving with a friend about 150 yards off shore. Further updates provided as necessary.


ROCKPORT — Lieutenant Mark Schmink and the Rockport Police Department report that the body of a missing diver was recovered Thursday morning.

The victim has been tentatively identified as a 47-year-old man from Philadelphia. His name is not being released at this time, pending positive identification and notification of next of kin.

Crews responded to the area of Cathedral Rock near Cathedral Avenue and Green Street at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday after a scuba diver came ashore reporting that his companion, an adult male, was missing. The search was conducted by Rockport Police, Rockport Fire, the U.S. Coast Guard, and State Police using boats, divers, and aircraft.

This morning, Lt. Schmink reported that the operation had transitioned from a search and rescue operation to a recovery operation, and the diver’s body was located at approximately 8:30 a.m.