Stage Fort Park cannons — Pat Morss

I recently saw an aerial drone photograph of Stage fort Park showing cannons in the “fort.” That was a surprise. This afternoon commuting home (by bus around the Gloucester commuter rail draw bridge replacement), I stopped at Stage Fort to look for the cannons, in nice evening light. Here are a few photos. As a bonus, I hit closing time of the farmers market and secured a large jar of fresh guacamole.

Schooner Adventure’s former rig

I have been scanning my old Kodachrome slides and came across some interesting photos of Adventure’s sail plan. Consulting Joe Garland’s 1985 book Adventure; Queen of the Windjammers, I find she had topsails when launched in 1926, but spent most of her working life as a dory trawler without topmast. This shortened rig is close to her present appearance. Adventure retired to Rockland, Maine as a prized member of the tourist windjammer fleet in 1954. She was painted white, and and the tall rig was restored. This is how she looked in my first photo from Eastern Point in 1988. The next two photos are 1992 (black hull) and 1993, and the last shows how she looks today after her Gloucester return and restoration. – Pat Morss

Eastern Point 1988
Eastern Point 1992
Eastern Point 1993
Gloucester Harbor 2017