We Loved Our Dinner at Antique Table

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner experience at the Antique Table in Manchester-By-The-Sea a couple of nights ago on a quiet weekday evening. Jim had chicken Valdostano and I had Surf and Turf. Lemon mascarpone cake and Spanish coffee for dessert. Olivia served us efficiently and in a friendly manner. And Al Pacino was on the wall! Cannot go wrong there.


Nelson’s Is Great

Santa brought GMG Jimmy a gift certificate for Nelson’s so we did some downtown shopping this week. We are not fishermen, but we do love Nelson’s. Thank you Isabelle for helping us out. Shopping local helps us all.

Lane’s Cove Duck Tagging

We drove to Lane’s Cove this week to see what was new and ran into Erik and H of Mass Wildlife who were in the middle of tagging some ducks for release. We watched as about a dozen or so mallards were tagged and released and I was struck with how calm the ducks remained during this process. If you find a tagged duck (or other wildlife) please report it! Here’s a link: http://www.reportband.gov for reporting and another link for further information from US Fish and Wildlife  It was very interesting and we thank Erik and H for allowing us to watch and answering our questions.


Barns Along the Byway

This, of course, is the historic 18th century barn located within the construction site for the new Essex police and fire station. Fundraising efforts are underway to preserve the barn and hopefully reconstruct it at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. If you are interested in donating, here’s a web address: http://www.essexshipbuilding.org/barn-rescue. It’s a wonderful old barn along the byway!

Star Wars 42 Years Later

In 1977 when the first Star Wars movie was released (The New Hope, Episode 4), I was a college student in upstate New York.  It was a story of good triumphing over evil, heroic deeds and hope and I LOVED it. I took myself to the movie theater to watch that movie several times, no small feat for a poor college student even at drastically reduced student rates. I see clearly now that it filled a hole of some sort in my young adulthood. I cheered and cried and was filled with courage every time I watched it. It marked my passage into adulthood.

I have watched each of the following episodes but none with the same passion as that first one. I watched some of the spin offs, mostly with “eh” conclusions. I introduced them to my children. My son really enjoys them, even today we watch them over again together.

Recently, of course, the “final” episode was released and off we went to see it at the IMAX with Joey one rainy afternoon. The IMAX experience, surround sound, seat bumping theatrics certainly added to the experience but I found myself cheering and teary eyed and remembering what it felt like to be 21 years old again. It was another story of good triumphing over evil, heroic deeds and hope. I LOVED it and will plan to see it again with my son. I immediately recognized that the Star Wars franchise has ushered me through adulthood. We are now retired and getting senior discounts and the franchise’s last episode is on the big screen.

Maybe you have something similar in your life that marks beginnings, endings or new phases. If so, I’d love to hear about it. May the force be with you. (You knew that was coming, right?)

Cemetery Stroll Mt. Adnah

Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Annisquam is a 5 acre, privately owned cemetery in Annisquam according to Find-a-Grave . Also known as Jakes Hill, the first burial was in 1848. The name Mt. Adnah was chosen because the Hebrew translation is “rest of testimony eternal” (also information found on the Find-a-Grave site). We took a walk through there recently hoping to fulfill some Find-a-Grave requests for photos. The cemetery is quite charming though a bit confusing in layout. There are numerous hills and paths to follow…several markers are reflected right on the boulders as they lay in the ground, which I consider appropriately respectful. The layout lends to the restful atmosphere.  It’s very well maintained and contains a number of interesting gravesites, just don’t get lost among them!

525 in Magnolia

We had a lovely dinner at 525 in Magnolia recently, which included the free entertainment of two toddler girls at the next table with their crayons and toy animals. We scored a colored picture of Queen Elsa!

I had the Classic Burger and Jim had Cobb Salad, both of which we enjoyed very much.

Then our lovely waitress Sandra brought my “Happy Ending ” (their words, not mine! Haha) Spanish Coffee. It was another great local dining experience. We’ll be back, 525.

On the Way to Maine on Amtrak

We decided to take advantage of the $15 (one way) Amtrak Downeaster rates for January and are on our way to Freeport today. After a little confusion over parking, we easily navigated the Woburn station for the 9:23 departure. Availability of Dunkin’ Donuts was a plus.

We are currently on board. I am having a coffee in the lounge. There’s WiFi, electrical outlets, reclining seats, tray tables for our comfort on the 2.5 hour ride north.

Rhumb Line Event Room Is An Awesome Space

The GMG podcast was recorded this morning at the Rhumb Kine (kudos to Carl for the drinks!). Fred told a number of entertaining stories and let listeners know there’s an event room available upstairs for groups up to about 70 and gave us a tour. Gorgeous room designed to make you feel like you’re aboard a boat! Perfect setting for an event. Thanks Fred!