Pink House Hawk

I recently found a hawk watching over the iconic pink house on Plum Island and shared it on Facebook. A New York friend asked “You mean THE Plum Island?” and before I dashed off “Ummm….yes, of course”, I checked for other well known Plum Islands. Now Google knows where I am so the results favored our Plum Island so I didn’t scroll down the list very far. So I affirmed I meant THE Plum Island. And she asked “How did you get there and what about the lab?” Then I knew I was out of my depth. She informed me of the Long Island NY Plum Island which has a lab that studies hoof and mouth disease and comes under the  umbrella of Homeland Security.  Who knew?

The “Who knew?”, of course, is rhetorical since I am sure there are several Plum Islands well known in their geographic areas, but I think ours is very special.


In Your Easter Bonnet With All the Frills Upon It

Are you lucky enough to be among those who remember the thrill of a new hat for Easter?  And to recall wearing it proudly like a model on a runway? Those were the days, my friend…….from the Gloucester Daily Times March 24 1939; I do not recollect prices being under the $3.00 benchmark however……  Wishing you all a lovely Easter and Passover weekend.

New Spring Bonnet GDT Mar 24 1939

Backyard Birds

Well, they aren’t plovers of any sort, but I was quite delighted to see the egrets return to our backyard marsh this week. I’ve been in New York, where we have a fair share of variety in our backyard wildlife, but it doesn’t bring the same joy to my heart that the Gloucester backyard birds bring.

This guy seems to be looking right at me, as if daring me to take the picture.


In addition to cardinal red, it’s a sure sign of spring to see a nice bright yellow. Easy to spot.


And also, my friends the egrets feasting in the recently flooded marsh.




Lighthouses Near and Far

Something went wacky when I tried to post this to the blog over the weekend and I’m pretty sure it didn’t get out there the way our posts normally do, so I am trying again! So, if you are thinking to yourself “I just saw this”, you might be right.

We are blessed on Cape Ann to have these lighthouses in our midst every day. These are for those who are far from home.


Ten Pound Island

Eastern Point




Hawk Nest

I think our backyard hawk nest may have eggs. I see a hawk in there nearly all day and I believe it to be a nesting female. Unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out a way to get a “bird’s eye view” of these eggs/hatchlings (though I am considering arranging for a bucket truck to assist…….kidding, or course) so I don’t have good photos to share of this little family. But here are some other recent hawk photos to bring them to your mind.  They are quite beautifully majestic.


Bridge Up!

I was checking on the bridge construction project for our interested readers and came upon a big surprise: traffic lights changing to RED. Then came the familiar clangs and up went the bridge for the first time in a while in my presence. It was up quite a while and I presume they were testing something; I am guessing the construction is on schedule as planned.

Lobsta Land Now Open!

I was happy to realize Lobsta Land is now open as I considered where to have dinner and I was apparently not the only one! I went early in the evening and found myself among many others with the same idea. It was like “Old Home Days” as workers and customers greeted each other happily but briefly as the staff was hustling around trying to accommodate everyone. It was great fun to watch.

The Cajun Blackened Haddock was delicious! I did ask them to go light on the spices since I don’t like my mouth to be on fire overtaking the haddock flavor. It was just the right blend for me. Looking forward to returning with GMG Jimmy!