Cemetery Walk Through Bay View

Bay View Cemetery, according to A Guide to Cemeteries in Essex County Massachusetts, is also known at Third Parish Cemetery. It is said to be the third oldest in Gloucester established in 1728 (according to Find-a-Grave).  One of the most notable items from my recent walk through are the slate stones. These always fascinate me and it appears the slate stones in this cemetery are  much wider than the slate stones I typically see in New York cemeteries. The etchings are art in themselves and it makes me want to study up on the stone carvers of the era.

It’s very hilly and uneven so take care. There are also signs of disrepair so be vigilant if you are doing  your own walk through.IMG_9810IMG_9815IMG_9814IMG_9816

I wondered if there was ever a view of a bay from here and it seems perhaps so: water is visible off in the distance.


It shows beauty even in winter:


This is the scene that attracted me to this cemetery in the first place one October day a while back. Even cats sometimes want to pay respect, although I suspect a different motivation here.

Gloucester 592




Partners on the Harbor

Some of Gloucester’s boats docked in the harbor. As I was reviewing the pictures, I realized the common theme was Cape Pond Ice in the background. I thought it was pretty significant because I believe Cape Pond Ice supports the fishermen and the community in many ways, often in the background. Here’s to our fishermen and Cape Pond Ice!


Sugo vs. Gravy and Cancer Loses

In the third annual Sugo vs Gravy fundraiser, Chef Anthony’s gravy won over the Mayor’s Sugo BUT the real news is that cancer loses out to the massively successful fundraising efforts undertaken at Tonno Wednesday afternoon. The final numbers haven’t been announced as of this writing, but it appears that this third annual event raised somewhere in the vicinity of $45000 – $50000, smashing previous amounts. Great job to everyone involved and special thanks to Warren Waugh for his auctioneering and for his very generous donation. Thanks to the staff for their donation of tips, thanks for all the donations, tremendous kudos Warren Waugh and Lyon-Waugh Auto staff for their support of this event. The Addison Gilbert Hospital presented Chef Anthony and Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken with special certificates  of recognition (well deserved)  for their continued efforts. It was our first time attending, but it will not be our last. I was expecting it to be fun and it was; but it was unexpectedly emotional in a positive way.


Sorry your eyes are closed, but this is a nice shot, so I included it anyhow.


Eggplant with sugo. Yummmmm….my personal favorite.


Meatballs with gravy….GMG Jimmy’s favorite.


Warren Waugh as auctioneer!


Shout out to GMG.


Traffic stopped for this historic moment.


Cancer got crushed!


Funky Flannels at Design of Mine

These new  flannel shirts with sewn in designs on the back from Design of Mine drew my attention at last night’s Sip and Shop at Riversbend (great event).  I especially like the local ones. I believe Melissa Tarr plans to feature them tomorrow night for the Ladies Night event.


Lane’s Cove Landing

We visited Lane’s Cove during the recent astronomical high tide. We had not been there in a while and it was nice to see it again, even if covered in sea water. I did not realize it was a public landing. Here’s a look around in case you haven’t been over there lately.


Rafe’s Chasm at High Tide

We wandered out to Rafe’s Chasm yesterday and were rewarded with spectacular views. Except for this. Really? Whatever message you were intending by this, the only message I read is that you’re an …… wait, this is a family show…… Please, folks…… defiling nature serves no one.


Off my soapbox and onto the spectacular views provided by Mother Nature:


High Tide Tussle

We came across these two bucks having themselves a wrestling match in the marsh during high tide at Parker River! One appears to be a 6 pointer and the other a 4 pointer, but with a damaged antler. I don’t know when the antler damage occurred, but they tussled long enough for it to have happened at the time. It was very dramatic!


Aaron & Melissa II

I was going through my photo files and came across this picture of the Aaron & Melissa II taken recently. She sure looks pretty here. We are sorry for the loss but thankful the crew members will be able to celebrate the holidays with their families. An interesting account can be found here.


Seasonal Cider Favorites

I’ve been conducting a very unscientific test of cider cocktails around town recently. My conclusion: these make oncoming winter weather bearable and I plan to partake again and again.

Azorean Cider. The Azorean does marvelous specialty cocktails.

Captains Mulled Cider…the only one served hot, which I prefer most days. Classy mug too.

Cider Margarita! Anything that ends in margarita deserves a try.

Cider Mimosa. Now there’s a concept for you! And my quest on behalf of the GMG blog will continue. Anything for the readers, that’s my motto.

Windward Grille in Essex

Great dinner at the Windward Grille last weekend.

Shrimp Lemoncello appetizer

Haddock Rockefeller (delicious!) and Haddock Piccata. When the menu said the haddock was baked, I was expecting a casserole dish, but was delighted with this.

Salmon with Dijon mustard sauce was enjoyed as well. The portions were generous.

And, my favorite part, coffee drink for dessert. We hadn’t been to the Windward in a while, but we were very happy to return.