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S for Victory! Stopper Story


I was intrigued by a Blanton’s Bourbon bottle with stopper that I saw at Main Street Art & Antiques recently so I did a little research.  I learned that a series of 8 bottle stoppers has been produced in a nod to Blanton’s Kentucky heritage. Each of the 8 stoppers depicts a race horse and jockey in various stages of a race. Each contains a letter (B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S). I was quite charmed by the story (click link above if you are interested. Image above borrowed from same site) and took myself back down to the shop to select one of the three available. Just had to bring home S for victory!


Hypnotherapy in Gloucester

A while back, I attended a session on hypnotherapy given by Tina M. Grasso at the Sawyer Public Library, and lucky for me, I won a free session.  I do not think I am alone in the fact that sometimes racing thoughts and worries keep me from getting decent sleep so I asked Tina to concentrate on that as a focus for my recent session.  I was hoping to gain some tips and tools to use to re-route the midnight fretting that sometimes keeps me awake.

It’s not the hypnosis you might think of from the sitcoms. There is no quacking like a duck when you hear a certain phrase.  There is no watch dangling on a chain for your eyes to follow. No loss of control and no lack of memory of the hypnosis. If you have ever been mesmerized by waves or clouds or the sound or rain, it’s a bit like that.


There is the steady tone of a voice, closed eyes and a restful posture. My experience was that I was very aware of being in an office seated comfortably in a chair.  I heard everything Tina said.  I left feeling deeply relaxed and this state lasted almost 18 full hours. It was kind of like you might feel after a deep tissue massage. That the relaxed feeling seemed so deep and lasted so long is what surprised me the most.  I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

Perhaps this kind of therapy is not for everyone. Many believe they are “too pragmatic” to benefit; or they are just “weirded out” by the idea. I can only speak for myself: I left feeling like I now have some tools to use to assist with relaxation and sleep.

There are a few different hypnotherapy options here in Gloucester. My experience was with Tina M. Grasso at Bright Mind Services I am very appreciative to her for her professional and compassionate approach. It might be something for you to consider next time you’re lying awake at 3 AM.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest……

I was thinking about the recent sign posted at the bridge prohibiting vehicles on the sidewalk while we were waiting there recently. At first glance, this nearby sign appeared to be blank on both sides, so I was curious. You can see how faded the lettering is and I can’t quite tell what it is supposed to say.

If a sign is illegible, is “whatever” still prohibited/enforced/informative?

A New Weber in Town

GMG Jimmy stepped into the World of Weber with his very first charcoal grill! (Thanks to Joey)

With instructions from Joey, off we went to Fosters. They were very helpful and we enriched today’s receipts a bit.

Then to the grocery for some planning and preparation. We see that Weber is everywhere!

I’m expecting great meals in my immediate future. FOB Paula Ryan O’Brien also got her first Weber grill today—–coincidence???? I think not…..

Around the Globe from Gloucester

During a recent podcast we mentioned Jerome Rand’s recent return to Gloucester after an almost 9 month voyage during which he circumnavigated the globe. Joey wondered if there had been other such voyages with Gloucester ties.  Of course, this set me off to research.

The simple answer is yes, there have been other such voyages.  The most prominent I could find are Captain Irving Johnson’s voyages in the pre-war 1930s on the schooner Yankee from his home port in Gloucester.  Yes, that was plural…voyages.  He and his crew made seven total trips around the world, the first three on the 92 foot wooden schooner Yankee from Gloucester.  Here is a link to an article you might find as interesting as I did.

As I noted, these were 18 month trips with a good size crew.  I found a ship manifest at Ancestry listing some of the crew from the 1939 voyage listing actor Sterling Hayden as a member of the crew.

Yankee 1939 with Sterling Hayden


His wife Electa (Exy) usually accompanied him as a crew member, though I do not see her on this list.  These trips are well documented if you are interested including this book available at Amazon.

Westward Bound cover

Mr. Rand’s voyage, however, was a much different experience.  He traveled solo on the Mighty Sparrow and without any additional technology to assist.  He also traveled non-stop making the journey in about half the time of the Yankee’s trips.  Wow.  Kudos to all with that innate urge to sail and challenge themselves.

By No Means Made Up of Ordinary Sailors

These pages are part of an article from The Century Magazine published in October 1886 called Gloucester Fishers. I found it on eBay several years ago and had to have it.  I didn’t know what to expect beyond the detailed description of various facets of Gloucester fishing and fishermen.  The sketches alone are worth whatever investment I made at the time. But, as my Irish luck would have it, there was a great big treat hidden within.

Gloucester Fishers Century Mag 1886 pg 819Gloucester Fishers Century Mag 1886 pg 820

You will notice some highlighted sections which I cropped for easier reading. Captain John Bentley of the Schooner Paul Revere is a direct ancestor, which I knew very well at the time. But this article points out that his father-in-law Martin Costello was part of the crew as cook, a fact I did not possess. This gave me the gift of my great great grandmother’s maiden name! This little piece of the multi-page article also gave me insight into the role of the cook on a shipping vessel of the time which I found fascinating.  I thought you might too.  No ordinary sailors indeed.

Gloucester Fishers Century Mag 1886 pg 819 - CopyGloucester Fishers Century Mag 1886 pg 820 - Copy

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