Notice from Gloucester Harbormaster

FYI from the Gloucester Harbormaster Facebook page this morning (Dec 9):


MASSACHUSETTS – GLOUCESTER – BLYNMAN CANAL – Bridge Inspection – A bridge inspection will be conducted daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Tuesday & Wednesday) on the Blynman Bridge (Route 127 (Western Avenue)) via a utility vessel operated by Smith Marine, Inc. across the Blynman Canal in Gloucester, MA on December 17 and December 18, 2019. Vessels will be able to use the navigation channel. Mariners requiring full horizontal clearance can contact the contractor via marine radio VHF-FM CH 13/16 prior to entering the work area. Mariners are advised to exercise caution when transiting the area. The points of contact are Matthew Plauche of Smith Marine, Inc., (978) 375-4129; Andrew Smith of Smith Marine, Inc., (781) 983-6900 and/or Justin Downing of WSP USA Inc., (508) 269-3000.


Emily the Meter Elf

Meet Emily. Yesterday she was going up and down Main Street putting extra quarters in each meter as she went along. Just to be nice. Just to share a little holiday spirit. Just to give you the extra 30 minutes  you might need on a Saturday afternoon in December.  Her parents accompanied her every step of the way. BTW, they are FOBs! THANK YOU Emily and family for paying it forward! You certainly put a little extra spirit in my heart yesterday.


Grand Banks Building Products Give Back

We attended an Open House held at Grand Banks Building Products on Craft Road last Wednesday. Joey conducted a live to Facebook podcast interview regarding Grand Banks efforts to collect Christmas items on behalf of Wellspring, a local charity to be distributed this holiday season. It was a lovely event showcasing Cape Ann Olive Oil as well as pizza from Bravo in Manchester-By-The-Sea. Although the December 6 deadline has passed, I’m sure you can still participate by contacting Wellspring Holiday Wish List at Just looking around their showroom had me wondering how they might feel about providing products for work in Central New York……

Boxwood Tree Event at the Beauport

Audrey’s Flowers sponsored another fantastic floral arrangement event last night at the Beauport. This time we built and decorated our own boxwood tree complete with Beauport service (thanks Matt and Kevin). About 80 women participated and everyone left with a lovely tree. Heather and her staff did another outstanding job! I was joined by three sisters Katey, Maryanne and Jane and they were great company. It really helped get me into the holiday spirit.

Storm Prep a la Azorean

Step one to prepare for upcoming storm: a visit to the Azorean for dinner. Shout out to our server Ryan. Ryan moved to Gloucester from Portugal and he did a great job with his recommendations. The Bife Escondidinho was awesome! Loved the creamy mustard sauce. BONUS we saw our friend Melissa Cox!

Barnacle Tea Room Annisquam

I was meandering through Ebay recently and came across this postcard featuring the Barnacle Tea Room in Annisquam. I thought it was completely charming and, naturally, began to do some research. Link to ebay here.


That research led me to this document by Peter Fortune outlining (among other tidbits) the history of this building which is still standing at 25 River Road in Annisquam. It is now a private residence. It’s called A Brief History of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, most recently revised in 2017. You can read it or download it here. It’s a very interesting read. I appreciate Mr. Fortune’s efforts!

I also found this ad in an August 1914 Cape Ann Shore provided online by the Cape Ann Museum (thanks to them as well!)  It’s well worth checking out. Perhaps you have a little extra time over a long weekend to do some reading. You just never know what you might find when you are wandering around the internet!

Barnacle ad 1914


Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019

On our way back to Gloucester recently, we spotted these 3 eagles in a tree along the River. I imagine them to be a family. A short distance up the river, there was a 4th resting eagle! It filled my heart to see these majestic birds. I thought to myself that perhaps this is a scene our forefathers might have seen in just about the same setting back around the time of the first Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.

Warm Welcome Home

Our first stop back home yesterday was Halibut Point. GMG Jimmy was craving chowder and he was not disappointed. I allowed myself an Irish Coffee. Thanks Halibut Point for the warm welcome back. Same to those of you traveling home for Thanksgiving!