Berry Tavern

We took a ride to Danvers recently to have dinner at the Berry Tavern. One of our Gloucester friends works there and we wanted to check in with her. It was well worth the ride! Efficient, friendly service was enhanced when our waitress was thoughtful enough to bring seltzer water to assist with cleaning Jim’s stained shirt. It’s a very busy spot, even early on a Friday evening but we were served quickly as if we were alone in the restaurant. Shout out to our friend Emma!

Honoring Our Veterans

Paul M. Ryan Jr

My Dad, shown here, was just one of the hundreds of Gloucester residents who answered the call of duty when he enlisted in the Army just out of high school in 1945. It meant delaying his entry to college but ROTC training in high school must have prepared him somewhat for what was ahead. It was a different culture at the time and he never talked much about any of his military service, but I believe it likely that he felt it nothing less than his duty to enlist. He further interrupted his college career a few years afterward by re-enlisting for the Korean War. This time I expect a major factor was the GI Bill’s promise to support his college aspirations.

Like thousands of others in the “Greatest Generation”, he was tight-lipped about his military experience. I was curious so I sent away to the National Archives for his records. Did you know these are available to descendants for (often) no cost? Here’s a link for more information. I was hopeful that I’d gain some insight into his experiences during those enlistments, but, alas, his particular records apparently were lost in a fire. Just by the way, if you are doing family history research you will learn there was ALWAYS a fire that destroyed important records. You might have better luck if you are curious about an ancestor’s military experience. I encourage you to request the records.

Regardless, his story is the story of so many of our veterans. Not all went willingly and some share their stories, but all deserve recognition for their sacrifices.

Sunday at Tonno

Last Sunday we decided to go to Tonno and try out the Sunday dinner special featuring an appetizer and an entree for a fixed price. GMG Jimmy had the eggplant appetizer and I had the shrimp bruschetta. They were each amazing and nearly a meal to themselves.

I chose chicken parmigiana and Jim ordered spaghetti with meatballs and sausage. We were not disappointed. Lovely evening out! Thanks Tonno for bringing back some of Jim’s childhood memories in an Italian household.

Audubon Birdwalk Highlights Rescued Birds

Mass Audubon and Hunts Photo recently sponsored a birdwalk in Canton MA at the Museum of American Bird Art which we attended. It’s only about an hour’s drive and the trails are accessible and manageable. We definitely plan to return without a crowd of photographers and birdwatchers trailing along. Although no birds were sighted during the actual birdwalk (probably due to the healthy number of participants stomping through the woods all together), we were also treated to a show of rescued birds being rehabilitated and allowed to photograph them to our heart’s content. I am very sorry I did not get the name of the rescue organization as they were extremely knowledgeable and open to the desires of the photographers present.

Here are some of the rescues we met. They included a male American Kestrel, screech owl, saw-whet owl, and barn owl.

No RMV Transactions Nov 9-11

FYI:  Be aware that the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be closed for all customer service transactions (licensing, registrations, inspections, internet/phone transactions) from 6 PM Friday Nov 8 to 7 AM Tuesday Nov 12 in order to complete technology upgrades. No inspections can be conducted Nov 9-10-11.  Further information can be found at their website which is linked here.  I hope the impact on our readers is minimal.


**image obtained from link above and no infringement is intended**

Another Pavilion Beach Nearby

We happened upon the Town of Ipswich Pavilion Beach recently. Our attention was drawn to it largely due to a group of young adults (I expect they were students) performing some kind of experiments or testing on the beach. They all drove vehicles to the beach, there was no bus nearby and they were gone before I could ask what they were doing. Then I noticed it was called Pavilion Beach. Did not realize there was another so close to our own Pavilion Beach. I like ours better, but you be your own judge.


Happy Halloween!

Things that scare me include snakes. I am not alone in this, so when I saw one recently on my regular morning walk, I knew I had to change up my walk routine a little. Luckily it was the only kind of “good” snake……..dead. Stand down, you naturalists out there….I hear you….snakes serve a purpose….blah, blah, blah. Regardless, changing up my routine even a little put the view in a new light. I thought you might enjoy a virtual snake-free stroll. I understand it’s supposed to be kind of lousy weather so maybe this will brighten your day a bit as it did mine recently.

Smiles at Halibut Point

It was a lovely day recently so we ventured to Halibut Point State Park in search of fall colors and perhaps some wave action. Naturally, we weren’t the only ones with the same idea……but we didn’t expect to run into GMG contributor Manny Simoes and his visiting family!  Made the day’s venture even sweeter!

PS and BTW Happy Birthday to our son Ryan who was born in the middle of the infamous Perfect Storm!