Breakfast at Sugar Magnolias

I had not been out to breakfast in a while and since I was downtown, I went to Sugar Magnolias. It was very busy Friday morning but the staff was friendly and efficient.

Yummy sounding offerings on the specialty drink menu.

The menu offered plenty of choices so I went with the East Main omelette with tomatoes, spinach, swiss and bacon. It would normally come with home fries but that’s not my favorite thing so the omelette might look a little lonely here but it was delicious and filling nonetheless. Thanks for a great experience Sugar Mags!

Every Time I Look at Them, It Makes Me Appreciate Home All the More

I found this 75 year old Gloucester Daily Times article intriguing as it describes local fishing boats as pin up material for overseas soldiers. As described by Sgt. Robert C. Strescino, pictures of local boats are his “pin up girls. Every time I look at them it makes me appreciate home all the more.” It was published in the Dec 30 1943 edition of the Gloucester Daily Times.


Boats as Pin ups GDT Dec 30 1943

In one of those hard-to-believe coincidences, I happened to be at Joppa Flats today chatting with the volunteer at the Mass Audubon desk. She mention her family were Havners of Gloucester and worked at Gorton Pew! I wonder if Edward mentioned here is her ancestor!  Anyhow, here are some boats that  might have deserved pin up status back in the day: Kathryn Leigh; Lisa Ann III; Lucy and Angel Fisher




Swans on Ice

We came across two swans trying to make their way across ice recently at Parker River Refuge. They tread oh-so-carefully across the ice, testing their weight and slipping across the expanse until they eventually plopped through a thinner layer.


Maybe it will work better if I sit on the ice.


They seem to be discussing the issue as they form that irresistible heart shape together.


One down!


See what you’ve gotten us into?


Peace restored.


Eagles in Newbury

We took a ride up 1A and happened upon a large group of obviously agitated crows (a murder of crows?) so we stopped to see what the excitement was all about. Imagine our delight to discover two immature eagles in the marsh feeding and fending off the crows!


We watched for a while then went on our way. A few hours later we returned just to check up and were rewarded with the sight of one young eagle testing his wings and practicing his landings. Such graceful swooping and soaring!


But, at the end of the day, this is the image that stuck in my mind


Cemetery Walk Through Bay View

Bay View Cemetery, according to A Guide to Cemeteries in Essex County Massachusetts, is also known at Third Parish Cemetery. It is said to be the third oldest in Gloucester established in 1728 (according to Find-a-Grave).  One of the most notable items from my recent walk through are the slate stones. These always fascinate me and it appears the slate stones in this cemetery are  much wider than the slate stones I typically see in New York cemeteries. The etchings are art in themselves and it makes me want to study up on the stone carvers of the era.

It’s very hilly and uneven so take care. There are also signs of disrepair so be vigilant if you are doing  your own walk through.IMG_9810IMG_9815IMG_9814IMG_9816

I wondered if there was ever a view of a bay from here and it seems perhaps so: water is visible off in the distance.


It shows beauty even in winter:


This is the scene that attracted me to this cemetery in the first place one October day a while back. Even cats sometimes want to pay respect, although I suspect a different motivation here.

Gloucester 592




Partners on the Harbor

Some of Gloucester’s boats docked in the harbor. As I was reviewing the pictures, I realized the common theme was Cape Pond Ice in the background. I thought it was pretty significant because I believe Cape Pond Ice supports the fishermen and the community in many ways, often in the background. Here’s to our fishermen and Cape Pond Ice!


Sugo vs. Gravy and Cancer Loses

In the third annual Sugo vs Gravy fundraiser, Chef Anthony’s gravy won over the Mayor’s Sugo BUT the real news is that cancer loses out to the massively successful fundraising efforts undertaken at Tonno Wednesday afternoon. The final numbers haven’t been announced as of this writing, but it appears that this third annual event raised somewhere in the vicinity of $45000 – $50000, smashing previous amounts. Great job to everyone involved and special thanks to Warren Waugh for his auctioneering and for his very generous donation. Thanks to the staff for their donation of tips, thanks for all the donations, tremendous kudos Warren Waugh and Lyon-Waugh Auto staff for their support of this event. The Addison Gilbert Hospital presented Chef Anthony and Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken with special certificates  of recognition (well deserved)  for their continued efforts. It was our first time attending, but it will not be our last. I was expecting it to be fun and it was; but it was unexpectedly emotional in a positive way.


Sorry your eyes are closed, but this is a nice shot, so I included it anyhow.


Eggplant with sugo. Yummmmm….my personal favorite.


Meatballs with gravy….GMG Jimmy’s favorite.


Warren Waugh as auctioneer!


Shout out to GMG.


Traffic stopped for this historic moment.


Cancer got crushed!


Funky Flannels at Design of Mine

These new  flannel shirts with sewn in designs on the back from Design of Mine drew my attention at last night’s Sip and Shop at Riversbend (great event).  I especially like the local ones. I believe Melissa Tarr plans to feature them tomorrow night for the Ladies Night event.


Lane’s Cove Landing

We visited Lane’s Cove during the recent astronomical high tide. We had not been there in a while and it was nice to see it again, even if covered in sea water. I did not realize it was a public landing. Here’s a look around in case you haven’t been over there lately.


Rafe’s Chasm at High Tide

We wandered out to Rafe’s Chasm yesterday and were rewarded with spectacular views. Except for this. Really? Whatever message you were intending by this, the only message I read is that you’re an …… wait, this is a family show…… Please, folks…… defiling nature serves no one.


Off my soapbox and onto the spectacular views provided by Mother Nature: