Lunch at the Blue Marlin Grille

I stopped at the Blue Marlin Grille in Essex recently. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich and it was the best I’ve had lately! The corned beef was piled high and there was plenty of sauerkraut and dressing (sometimes these sandwiches can be kind of dry….not my preference). The cider margarita on the fall drink menu was a nice treat also. The restaurant was busy on this weekday afternoon and the atmosphere was pleasant. A nice little Byway stop.

Cemetery Stroll Magnolia Point

It was time for another cemetery stroll; this time at the Magnolia Point Cemetery on Magnolia Avenue. A Guide to Cemeteries in Essex County, Massachusetts indicates this is a city owned cemetery tended to by the Gloucester DPW. It further says that individual burials are not recorded, but that there may be a list of some deed holders with the DPW.

It’s well taken care of (thanks, DPW!), small and nicely laid out. I didn’t notice many religious icons but there are several well known family names. I was looking for one grave for the FindAGrave project but did not locate it; honestly, I was rather grateful since it was for a young child and hose always make me a little sad.


It’s great this information is shared on the sign. That’s pretty rare in cemeteries.


I especially love these stone markers:


The Gardeners are Generous and We All Benefit

Lovely gardens on the boulevard are still looking great! Thank you Generous Gardeners! You can support their efforts if you need some daylilies for a $10 donation by emailing with the desired variety (take a picture of the flower or the tag). Seems like a wonderful way to spread the beauty across Cape Ann!

Step Back to 1948

I was delighted to find a 1948 Polk’s City Directory for Gloucester at Dogtown Books with the area map intact! I thought you might like a little taste of 1948  Gloucester:

I just love the maps.

1948 map from directory

City Officers 1948. What names do you recognize? Anyone as curious about the Superintendent Brown Tail and Gypsy Moth , City Forester, Forest Warden’s duties? I’m also wondering about the Fence Viewers (?)

City Officers 1948 directory

And here’s a fun tidbit from the Gloucester Daily Times June 7 1948. “See history being made before your very eyes.” This post is in memory of my mom, who’s birthday it is today. She would have been 14 and likely been glued to the new phenomenon television.

Brown Comp TV ad GDt June 7 1948

Kids and Cairns

Those rock piles you are seeing everywhere are commonly referred to as cairns, though technically they are not since they are usually not landmarks or memorials. I have mentioned before that I am ambivalent about them, although recently I’ve become less enamored every time I see one.

Anyhow, I was driving along the back shore recently and noticed a scene I thought might be “blog worthy”. A pair of rock piles, a pair of fishermen and a pair of lighthouses.

I was experimenting with getting the right angle when two boys wandered into view.

I am working out how I can make this work when one of the kids gives one of the rock piles a good kick. The artistic value of the scene went down faster than those rocks. I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or give the kid a pat on the back.

experimenting with getting the right angle

Colby Farm Sunflower Field

As our friend Kim Smith told us recently, sunflower fields are in full bloom and ready for visitors. I visited the Colby Farm Sunflower Field in Newbury recently and it was delightful. So, even though sunflowers have recently been featured here, they are so cheerful I thought everyone might enjoy another dose! There is a $10 cash only parking fee but sunflowers aren’t the only attraction. There’s a small enclosure with farm animals for children to enjoy, a farmstand, and antique tractors for photos.


There’s always that one……


Schooner Fest Sunday Scenes

I hope you enjoyed the glorious weekend. It was our first School Festival and we were not disappointed. We had family time, outdoor time, podcast time and volunteer time. Some scenes from the busy boulevard Sunday morning:

We also went to Magnolia to see what we could see for the race Sunday morning:



Schooners at Dock Saturday

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the public visitation at the Schooner Fest on Saturday morning. Gorgeous morning! It was wonderful to see so many interested visitors. Some scenes as I saw the morning unfold:

It takes a lot of work to keep Brilliant brilliant:

Visitors came from all directions:

Porpoises Feasting in the Harbor!

I made a last minute decision to book a trip aboard the Ardelle yesterday to “Greet the Fleet”. It was a small group, but none the less fun as led by Harold and Amanda. About halfway through the sail, Harold pointed out a good-sized group of porpoises feeding right inside the harbor and fairly close to shore and other vessels. There seemed to be about 10 of them; they even approached the boat and seemed unimpressed by our presence. It was a great trip. As another rider noted, porpoises have been spotted in 100% of my Ardelle trips to date!

I think these photos demonstrate how close to shore and to the boat they were!