Bonzer Car Sharing

Thatch and I spent some time walking around Assembly Row the other day to grab some things for our upcoming vacation.  First of all, it is really nice up there….tons of shopping, lots of green outdoor spaces, some riverfront park area, walking/jogging trails, and a nice variety of places to eat and drink… the large movie theater.

But, I digress.  This post is about this cute little number.  Bonzer….one way trip car sharing.  “A new and easy way to get around the city with eco-friendly cars”

I was intrigued so I checked out their website HERE


Free Bird

Every once in a while a bird will fly into the lobster traps that we have stacked in the yard…..and inevitably, like a lobster, get caught.  Finn has taken it upon himself to check the traps each time we come home to make sure that hasn’t happened.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway yesterday I heard “uh oh” from the back seat.  Finn threw his backpack, lunchbox, and jacket on the lawn (wet and muddy as it was) and sprang into action.

His smile at the end kills me.  He’s a salty kid.  He takes the lobster gear seriously and he’s always so happy to help a little friend in need.


“Thank You, Gloucester,” With Love From Adventureman

Shortly before hopping on his flight back to his home, Gloucester, England, Jamie…..well, Adventureman…sent me this “Thank you to my home-from-home letter” and asked me to share it here on Good Morning Gloucester.  He has also posted it on his own social media for his fans around the world to see, but wanted to be sure that everyone here, in our Gloucester, also knows how thankful he is.

So, to Gloucester…his new “home away from home”…. with love from Adventureman.  (but, before you read on….I am taking the liberty of reminding you that it is never too late to donate.  You can do so here…

Ok…back to his thank you letter…

My ‘home from home’ thank yous. 

Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet. After leaving Gloucester, Massachusetts, I had to race against time, to drive down to Miami for a talk – where a company wanted to give a big donation in return for me sharing my story.’

On the road trip, my energy levels crashed. While Anna drove, I drifted in and out of sleep four days in the passenger seat, like a nodding dog, dribbling over myself.

Anyhow, enough of the dribbling. More importantly, the finish of my run was just so damn special – there’s a lot of thank yous to make.

Let’s be honest, having hundreds and hundreds (and then some!) of adults and kids running alongside me, wearing capes, doesn’t just appear – it needed energy to make that happen!

And, it all stemmed from the team at Good Morning Gloucester, including Joey Ciaramitaro, Nichole Wadsworth Schrafft, and Pat Dalpiaz, who shouted out on their awesome podcast and blog to rally the local people.

It also helped having the backing of the Gloucester Mayor, Sefatia Romeo Theken, who really got the community behind the run too. (I know Sandy Jimson from the UK was hot on the telephone as well, calling everyone she could, including the Mayor.)  I know that the Gloucester Police Department also helped out with arrangements and made sure that we had escorts to the big finish line which was pretty cool.

During the last few hundred metres of the run, Kerry McKenna and Ringo Tarr at Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce made a big effort by bringing out speakers to play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – which as you can imagine, totally helped to build the energy on the final stretch.

As I crossed the finish, there was an enormous banner with hundreds of signatures on it which melted my heart. That was made by James and Anna Eves at Cape Ann Giclee. So a big thank you to them!

On the night that I finished the run, Ray Johnston and the staff at the Beauport Hotel put me and Anna up for the night. It was seriously posh and just amazing.

After the run, Loran Caputo and Brad Pierce at the Cape Ann Motor Inn put me, my friends and family up for a whole week.  It’s a hotel situated on a quiet beach which was just what we needed after all the madness.

On our last night in Gloucester, Maggie and Joe Rosa cooked us up an awesome dinner and they were totally fine with my Dad eating like a savage caveman, with half the food going into his beard.

(If I’ve missed anyone out, I’m so sorry, you know who you are and you’ll forever be in my heart!)

My final thank you, is to everyone who came to the finish. I know people flew across the country, drove for hours, and some even came from the UK. You all made the last few days so special. And of course, everyone that donated.

As most of you know, my hometown in the UK is Gloucester, and without a doubt finishing in Gloucester (Massachusetts) was the best decision ever! I was genuinely made to feel like Gloucester, MA was my hometown for real.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Gloucester, Massachusetts – which will always be ‘home from home’.


2019 03 27 Adventure Man & Misc Cannon 016
Awesome Banner Photo taken by David B. Cox.  See his photos here: 





Amazing sign made by Victory Designs by Vee

Nichole’s Picks 4/6 + 4/7

Pick #1:  Eric Jay Dolin: Black Flags, Blue Waters at the Sawyer Free Library

Eric Jay Dolin is the author of many non-fiction books. He will be presenting his latest book, Black flags Blue Water, the Epic History of America’s Most Notorious Pirates! And who doesn’t love pirates!


CONTACT: Cindi Williams  978-281-9763
LOCATION: Main Floor


Pick #2: Parent/Child Build a Bluebird House

Celebrate spring by building a bluebird house with your child. We’ll supply all the materials and instruction to build a nest box for Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. These wonderful nest boxes also attract Black-capped chickadees, Tufted Titmice, House Wrens, and woodpeckers. A short slide presentation will introduce families to the natural history and behavior of birds in Massachusetts, and we’ll discuss where and how to place your nest box. Dress for the weather because we will take a short walk to look and listen for bluebirds.


Members:Adult $20.00, Child free

Nonmembers:  Adult $24.00, Child free

Instructions and Directions:

Meets in the Barn. The fee is per family and includes one kit. Extra kits may be purchased for $12 each and must be ordered when you register. Please bring a hammer and dress for the weather.


Pick #3:  Big Apple Circus in Peabody

Thursday, April 4, 2019 – Sunday, May 5, 2019

Many performances available including Sensory Friendly Performances



BIG APPLE CIRCUS is thrilled to announce that real-life wonder women will take the reins of the 41st season, led by new ringmaster Stephanie Monseu, for their annual Boston-area appearance, playing the Boston area this spring at Northshore Mall, Peabody.

Playing under the Big Top, the show will run from April 4 – May 5, 2019 and will feature a new Mirror Room VIP experience leading into the Big Top tent, with craft circus treats and entertainment for all ages.

World-renowned for its one-ring, intimate and artistic style – where no seat is more than 50 feet from the performers – BIG APPLE CIRCUS is passionate about revitalizing the circus for modern-day audiences with unique and astounding human feats in the ring and enough sizzle outside the ring to entertain guests from the very moment they enter.

This year, audiences will enter the BIG APPLE CIRCUS where adults and children alike will experience new pre-show thrills and sample a dizzying array of culinary delights! Upgrades to the food selection include bespoke, organic circus classics for all ages, and beer and wine for adults.

The 41st season promises another extraordinary show filled with BIG APPLE’s roster of superhero talents, ready to incite jaw-dropping awe and sheer joy in audiences of all ages.


As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

This Guy…. AdventureDAD is a Man of His Word

Thatch’s team fell a little bit short of the Championship today, but this video makes me smile (for a few different reasons). This is Don. Don is also known as “AdventureDAD”…..father to Jamie McDonald… Adventureman.  Many members of this team ran the very last little bit of Jamie’s truly unbelievable 210-marathon/5,500 mile solo run from Washington State to Gloucester alongside him and were there at the finish line in their CAYH shirts this past Wednesday. When Don heard that they had a championship game three days later, he told them that he was going to be there to cheer them on….because they were there to cheer on his son.

Wouldn’t you know that this morning he reached out to coordinate how to make it happen…even though he was due to fly back to England shortly after the game.

This is a dad who supported his son through some scary younger years when Jamie was afflicted with a rare disease that stole him of his mobility. This is a dad who supported his son when, thank goodness, he fought and prevailed and decided to then dedicate himself to raising money for sick children. This is a dad who has since supported his son during some absolutely monumental adventures….. including the upcoming 7 day straight, world record breaking, treadmill run. And this is a dad who is a man of his word who also wanted to cheer on and support this team…our sons and daughter.

I’m so glad the team had a chance to hear from him (and his bloody brilliant accent)….even if they don’t fully get why it is so cool that he took the time.

You can still DONATE HERE


The Road to Gloucester: Adventureman’s Final Six

Thanks to a gracious Gloucester Police escort I was able to have a front row view of Adventureman’s final six-mile dash from Manchester-by-the-Sea to Gloucester’s Stacy Boulevard.  After having followed his journey for quite a while now, watching him run those final miles was amazing.  I have lots of video to edit, but wanted to share these photos tonight.

His solo United States Super Run may be over, but his fundraising goals are not.  Please consider donating right now.



Adventureman and His Peeps are as Fun as they are Awesome

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Adventureman and his team at Sweeney Park in Manchester-by-the-Sea at 6:00 tonight (Monday) to absolutely zero pomp and circumstance. It felt a little weird to meet them with no real grandeur, but…as we all know…that is because we are saving the giant welcome for WEDNESDAY at 4:00 pm.  Tonight was about a quiet finish….as they prepare for a day of rest and most likely LOTS of reflection. It will be nice for the group to take some time together before sharing their tremendous finish with the city of Gloucester, the far reaching social media universe, fans around the world….and, of course, their beloved Gloucester, England.

They landed at Sweeney Park clearly spent, but in super good spirits….hugged, danced and sang a bit (there may have been a harmonica…it’s kind of a blur)….and then went about the business of tending to Caesar and their gear.  Speaking of Caesar….he (it?) was safely tucked away at a neighbor’s house (THANK YOU if you are reading…you know who you are) and then we tended to the task at hand…Dinner….and maybe some drinks. Thanks to Callas for a great night!

Dinner out with this crew was exactly how you might expect it to be.  Hysterical….crazy fun….and like Thanksgiving dinner with dear old friends.  Joey, Pat D. and I were so happy to sit down and break bread with Adventureman, his phenomenal dad, the unbelievable support team, and a new friend who ran the last 30 miles with them.  You couldn’t ask for a kinder, funnier, and more gracious group of people….and we can’t wait for you to meet them all on Wednesday.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some good people who will be named later, the team is getting some great rest and are further planning their monumental finish.  PLEASE be sure to be there to celebrate them and this epic adventure.  And, if you’re able, consider making a donation to help the sick children that Jamie (Adventureman) cares so deeply about.  DONATE HERE 

Some of my favorite video of the evening is Joey schooling the group about the Greasy Pole….after they had schooled us on the sport of cheese rolling and a quick rendition of “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore” after Joey suggested that they might be interested in taking a dory out for a row tomorrow (after running 210 marathons). Gloucester, England and Gloucester, Ma have a lot to learn from each other….such as some vocabulary differences (but that’s a post for a different day).

Welcome to Cape Ann, Adventureman!  We are SO HAPPY that you are here!




Rockport Middle School at the Shalin Liu

The Rockport Middle School Jazz Band, under the direction of Anthony Covelli, is fortunate to be able to perform in the incredibly beautiful Shalin Liu.  On Wednesday evening the crowd was delighted to hear some very talented student musicians play in such a gorgeous venue….in front of an amazing backdrop.



Nichole’s Picks 3/23 + 3/24

Pick #1:  Power of Play

Sunday, March 24th: 11:00-2:00

Cost is $5 per family


Back by popular demand, the Power of Play festival will be returning to Gloucester High School’s Benjamin Smith Field house on Sunday, March 24th, and is open to all Gloucester Public School District students and their families. Featuring fun for all ages, the program will include arts and crafts activities, giant board games, Legos, field games, family games, yoga, dance and much more.


Pick #2:  Golden Goose Awards

March 22 @ 7:00pm |  March 23 @ 2:00pm


Written and Directed by Katie Oberlander  |  Harborlight Montessori Experience Weeks

This performance culminates a two-week course bringing students to Gloucester Stage Company (GSC) for an intensive experience in theatre production, on stage and backstage. In addition to acting, students participate in all aspects of production, including box office management, lighting and set design, auditions and casting, costumes and props. Actors, assistant directors, stage managers, designers, and marketing and sales are all part of what it takes to stage an original production, which is what the students do on the GSC stage as the culmination of their theatre experience.

The GOLDEN GOOSE AWARDS is a World Premiere play written by Katie Oberlander (Mastermime, Out of Circulation), presented at Gloucester Stage Company Friday, March 22 at 7:00pm and Saturday, March 23 at 2:00pm. The show is approx. 80 minutes. Tickets are $15 and Students $8 – available online:




Pick #3:  Spring Flapjack Fling at IRWS

Join us as we wrap up the maple sugaring season with our Spring Flapjack Fling. Bring your family and friends for this special breakfast and enjoy the fruit (OK, sap!) of our labor and our maple trees on some delicious pancakes. Flapjacks with our own maple syrup, along with fruit, orange juice, coffee, tea, and milk are on the menu.


March 23, 2019 (Saturday) 8:15am – 1:00pm


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield MA


Sanctuary Staff and Volunteers


(suitable for children 0 & up)


Adult $17.00, Child $14.00


Adult $17.00, Child $14.00
Nonmembers can join today during checkout and take immediate advantage of member prices.

Join us as we wrap up the maple sugaring season with our Spring Flapjack Fling. Bring your family and friends for this special breakfast and enjoy the fruit (OK, sap!) of our labor and our maple trees on some delicious pancakes. Flapjacks with our own maple syrup, along with fruit, orange juice, coffee, tea, and milk are on the menu.

The breakfast sitting is 45 minutes, followed by an hour-long sugaring tour to see and learn about the transformation of sap to syrup.

Breakfast & Tour

8:15 am, 9:15 am, 10:15 am, 11:15 am, and 12:15 pm

aduts $17 members and nonmembers
children* $14 members and nonmembers
Babies on laps are free

Sugaring Tour Only

A limited number of spaces are available for the sugaring tour only (sorry, a breakfast-only option is not available).

9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm

adults $10 members, $11 nonmembers
children ages 3 & up $8 members, $9 nonmembers
Children under 3 are free and should be in a backpack

Instructions and Directions:

Meets in the Barn. Dress warmly with warm waterproof footgear for the sugaring tour (you will be outside for an hour). Children under 3 are free and should be in a backpack for the sugaring tour.

Registration is required.
Register online or call 978-887-9264 to register by phone.
For your own security, DO NOT send credit card information via email.

For more information, contact:


As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

The Golden Goose Awards at Gloucester Stage

Thirty-five Harborlight Montessori 4th-8th Grade students have taken up residency at Gloucester Stage Company for two weeks. As one of Harborlight’s new Experience Week programs, this group of students has been learning all aspects of theater production in preparation for their World Premiere performances of The Golden Goose Awards. The Golden Goose Awards was written by Harborlight’s very own Performing Arts Director and published playwright, Katie Oberlander. The collaboration between the staff at Gloucester Stage and the staff of Harborlight Montessori has come to life with this fantastic Theater Education experience. Tickets to the 3/22 and 3/23 performances are available for purchase on Gloucester Stage Company’s website.


This two-week theater education session is one of several options that Harborlight students, as well as students not currently enrolled at Harborlight, can select from to supplement their academic year coursework.  Robust Experience Weeks have been carefully designed to enhance students’ learning and provide them enriching opportunities during typical school vacation weeks.  Harborlight is thrilled to be working with some amazing community partners….like, in this exciting case, Gloucester Stage Company!

For more information on other Experience Weeks, click HERE 

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 12.32.41 PMIMG_5608

Nichole’s Picks 3/9 + 3/10

Pick #1: Cultural Festival

Rescheduled to this Saturday due to last weekend’s snow, this event is a rich cultural experience.  Upon arriving the children will be given a passport to get stampled (stickered) as they tour through several different nations of the world.  Along the way they will complete activities, try international foods, hear music, and more.  At the end of the morning all “travelers” will gather to watch live entertainment provided by a Chinese dance group,  A suggested donation of $10 per family.

Saturday, March 9th 9:00-12:30

Harborlight Montessori:  243 Essex Street, Beverly

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.03.46 AM

Pick #2:  Cape Ann Lanes!

One of the best fun spots on Cape Ann for sure.  We are very fortunate to have Cape Ann Lanes in our community.  It is such a great place to spend some time with the kids…..or time out w/o the kids!

Check out Cape Ann Lanes HERE

Cape Ann Lanes should be on your short list of places to visit often, but also be sure to take this opportunity to sign your kids up for “Kids Bowl Free” now.  The program runs from June 1st to August 31st.   For a small one time added fee you can register up to 4 adults to also bowl all summer long!  Such a great deal.  I already registered Thatcher and Finn.

Register your children for “Kids Bowl for Free” at Cape Ann Lanes by following this link .


Pick #3: Chamber Music Concert at the Shalin Liu

Saturday at 2:30 FREE

Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras (NMYO) present a free community concert on Sunday, March 3rd, 2:30 pm, at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA.

The concert will feature thirteen of NMYO’s string, woodwind, brass, and percussion chamber ensembles performing music by composers such as Holst, Mozart, Haydn, Rachmaninoff, and more.

Learn more HERE 

As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid