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July 4 Pool Test – Fail!

It was fun to get away to a 4th of July cookout. I wanted to do a float test on myself, but it was so cold that I could only stick my toes into the pool’s water. I don’t how the kids do it! My hostess showed off her patio tomatoes, but, like mine, are getting big with no color yet. It will be hot enough ripening next week.


Our (Boston) annual Independence Day music and fireworks on the Charles River was the best I’ve seen. All from the comfort of my bed!

Regaining Weight and Health

With the Thrush gone, radiation done, a couple of blood transfusions, and rest, I’ve reached 161 pounds and have some energy. And the current news events keep me on my toes. I hope to start publishing more photos and spending more time at the gallery soon. One thing giving me joy is raising some decorative and edible plants (patio tomatoes, lettuce, and basil). I’m happily spending more time shopping at Goose Cove Gardens and less at the hospital.

Hospital Bling!

In general, I’m doing OK, and taking it easy at home today with my sister, Barb. I always need a rest after a day in the gallery and/or a visit to the hospital. It was coincidence that my bracelets ended up on one arm yesterday. This afternoon, Barb and I will eat some of Susan LaRosa’s homemade meatballs with gravy, and take in the Sox game on TV. Relaxing!


“Invent, Improvise, and Overcome.”

Old movies show pop walking to the factory, lunch pail in hand. When he got home, dad gave the pail to one of the kids to fill with beer at the corner tavern. In our Rockport house the second floor is used for sleeping and to use the bathroom. The kitchen with perishable food and dish washing,LunchPail5794 are on the first floor. Because of my mobility challenges, I needed to protect the white rug and safely transport fresh food upstairs and dirty dishes downstairs, so I resurrected my version of the lunch pail. If something spills, it goes into the pail.

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