Into The Sardinian Countryside

From our dock in Oristano we traveled by bus into the ruggedly beautiful mountains of central Sardinia.Here we explored one of the many ancient stone towers sprinkled throughout the countryside.These nuraghi  were built between 1900 BC  and 700BC and most likely served as fortresses and storehouses for grain and produce.






In Orgosolo, the walls of the homes and stores display beautiful murals of political , historical and cultural significance.


In Mamoiada, we learned how the Mamuthones folk culture celebrates its agricultural and sheep herding traditions with singing, dancing in heavy fur lined costumes adorned with bells and masks.




Archaeological Site, Nora, Sardinia

This site is quite large and very interesting. Nora sits on a peninsula not far from Cagliari, Sardinia. It was settled by the Phoenicians (Lebanese) in the late 9th century or early 8th century BC. The town came under Roman control in 238BC   and became an important trading center .

Much of the town is now under water.


Greek Style Temple, Segesta Sicily


Near Trapani, Sicily, this  Doric temple was not built by the Greeks;
there is no evidence they occupied this location at the time it was built in the 5th century BC. The building was never completed and is remarkably preserved as is the mystery of its origins.
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