GloucesterCast 310 With Chris Spittle, Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/9/18


GloucesterCast 310 With Chris Spittle, Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 12/9/18


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Tree lighting

Chris Spittle AKA @CapeAnnWeather

GMG Holiday Party December 29th At Gloucester Stage
There’s a photographer that submits photos and freaks out when I don’t post them.

First he submits them and adds “Let me know when they will be posted.” The next day I generally get a disappointed email that he hasn’t seen his photos on the blog yet. The day after that he goes on insinuating that I don’t want to promote local artists. Relentless.

“Santa Baby” non-controversy.  Outrage culture vigilantes are a minority.  I used to get freaked out but now it seems the public is starting to wear of these stories.

Topside Grill- Not Your Grandaddy’s Topside Grill

Nantucket Christmas Stroll

Shingles Shots

Send In Lobster Trap Tree Photos To Kim

Winged Creature Update




Every Sunday at Feather & Wedge: Jazz Brunch starting at 10:30 AM


Start off your week with a delicious brunch accompanied by the area’s most talented jazz musicians. This Sunday Jazz guitarist, Peter Fedele, takes the stage at Feather & Wedge entertaining diners lingering over their Mimosas and coffee. Local celebrities are often present so watch out for the Paparazzi. Reservations strongly suggested. 978.999.5917

Sunday, December 9th

10:30 to 2:30 PM

Peter Fedele Jazz Brunch Feather & Wedge

5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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We’re Hiring Home Health Aids- Mavencare. Flexible Schedule, Better Pay, Choose Your Clients!

Cape Ann Wellness

Join a company that cares about you as much as their clients. We have immediate cases available where you can make a difference.

Mavencare Caregivers are the best in their field and view their career as more than just a job. Join our staff of healthcare professionals supporting seniors who wish to age in the comfort of home. You and our clients are supported by clinical managers, care coordinators and social workers as needed.

Click here to apply today:

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#GloucesterMA #Lobster Trap Tree Buoys Being Put On! Tree Lighting Tonight At 4:30

The .01% is winning and we’re all losing because it.

These are people desperate for attention and media outlets desperate for clicks and views to sell advertising.  It’s the perfect storm.  The media company knows it’s so outrageous that it will get people talking and viewing.  99.9 % of people have no problem with any of it.  It’s the .01% that is vocal and desperate for attention and not only are they getting it, but they are influencing what is being shown on tv and print through the fear of losing advertising dollars.  Sad really.

The perpetually offended are winning with a teeny tiny minority.

Thanks @aliciadewolfe for the graphic.

Timeline: Cape Ann – First Parish Burial Ground

The History of Gloucester’s First Parish Burial Ground in the third video, in a new series from 1623 Studios featuring Kory Curcuru of The Bridge Cape Ann, focusing on the backstory of local figures, landmarks, and geographic points of interest.
“Timeline: Cape Ann” is produced with help from Cape Ann Museum and the Gloucester Historical Commission. What do you want our next Timeline story to be about? 

Maritime Gloucester all lit up for DECK THE DOCKS night #1!

Cape Ann Community

MG Christmas lights

The first night of Deck the Docks was a great beginning to our event!

Special thanks to Captain Stefan Edick for capturing and sharing the campus lights from the Fitz Henry Lane house!  Our pier is all decked out for holiday cheer.

The gallery saw the opening night of “Deck Your Walls Art Show” with some great works by local and regional artists.  Over 141 pieces are in this show and each one of them is for sale!  You will not want to miss seeing the Schooner Gallery all decked out for this show.

AND WE ARE JUST GETTINGSTARTED!  Trees, wreaths, art, crafts, gifts, good friends and a lot of fun are all in store for the next 2 days!  Get your tree or wreath any time Friday, Saturday or Sunday — while supplies last!  Take a picture with Santa from 11 to 1 on Saturday.

Deck The Docks Flier - Red bg

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PSA To The People Who Buy Socks

I would like to share a life altering discovery about socks.

If you or the person you buy socks for is a man that wears a 11 or 12 or larger shoe, make sure you buy XL socks.

It’s a game changer.

Large socks are generally labelled that they are for shoe size 9- 11.5.

That’s a bunch of horseshit if wear an 11.  If you wear a size 11 shoe and buy Large sized socks your feet will be cramped and it will cut your circulation making your feet cold in the winter.

When you go to the stores a majority of what will be on display will be Large sized socks but seek out the XL.

Your feet will be infinitely more comfortable.  Trust me on this.

Total game changer.

I’ve also mentioned in the past that there is no reason you should buy cotton socks.  they suck.  they retain moisture and wet feet in cold conditions will make your feet 100 times colder.

You should only buy socks made of merino wool.

Because you wear your socks so often you shouldn’t skimp when purchasing them.  good socks that fit you properly- next level stuff.

Here are some of my favorites (click the link)-

Wigwam Men’s Merino Lite Hiker Midweight Crew Socks


Ladies Night in Gloucester is tonight! Take a break from your holiday shopping and join us for half priced apps from 3-6pm and more!



Ladies Night in Gloucester is tonight! Take a break from your holiday shopping and join us for half priced apps from 3-6pm, $12.95 lobster rolls all day, and live music by Chris Fritz-Grice from 6-9pm. . Before you leave, be sure to enter our raffle for a pair of tickets to the Beauport Cruiselines New Years Eve cruise!

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