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Ocean Alliance Harbor Cruise Fundraiser

Hope to see you on the Ocean Alliance Harbor Cruise on Thursday! There are still some tickets remaining. We have great raffle items donated from many local businesses. Purchase your tickets here:

OA fundraising cruise_Final flier

Follow Ocean Alliance on Facebook for updates:

Pet of the Week- Secret


My name is Secret and I made my way to Cape Ann Animal Aid when my family fell ill and could no longer care for me. They report that in a home my favorite toys include paper bags, boxes, dangling string toys, and catnip troys. I lived with two older folks, so I think a home with a quiet pace would be nice. I’ve never lived with children either, so a kid free home sounds good to me.
I’m considered a Super Senior, which means my adoption fee is waived to help me find a home sooner. My super power is ‘sass’ because I’m full of personality and confidence. I’ve never lived with other animals, so a home where I can be your one and only sounds great to me. Stop on by and meet me and see if we would make a good match!
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Pet of the Week-Sage

Super sweet, affectionate, and mellow your thing? I am the last of a litter of 7 loving, sweet puppies. I am a big lug of a puppy who thinks she should be a lap dog! I am a very good girl and the staff here says I am smart. I will tell you during the day I would like to go outside by whining just a little bit. I learned to sit very quickly and I am willing to try new things with a little gentle coaxing. My siblings and I are all very super gentle nature and sweet as can be. We get along well with other dogs and love to play. When out on a walk I watch my human for cues. I am getting used to riding in the car.
I am considered a special needs adoption because I have Osteochondritis dissecans – this is a disease that affects the cartilage of my joints. At this time I am pain free, but I need to have my exercise limited as I continue to grow. My new family will need to make sure they follow up with their own vet so I stay in tip top shape!
The folks here think we may have Hound, retriever or Bully breed in our family tree. I will likely be large to extra large size as an adult. Ready for a large puppy love in your life? Stop on in!
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Save the Date- June 15th

Save the date, the unveiling of the I Am More opening exhibit is just 15 days away!

Come down to Ocean Alliance at the Paint Factory on Friday June 15th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Gallery hours will be June 16th & 17th 9-5pm

Learn more about the I Am More portraits at Amy Kerr’s website:

I Am More flyer jpeg.jpg

Pet of the Week- Gatolina


Gatolina is what I go by, but don’t worry, I’m not too attached to the name. I’m a super cute young lady with fluffy white and orange fur.

I am a rather petite gal, but don’t let my size fool you. My sweet personality more than makes up for what I lack in size. I take a little bit to warm up to you, but once I do I am a love.

I would most likely do better in a quieter household. I just want to spend my days doing the same old thing with the same old people. I like attention and petting on my terms, and will let you know when I’ve had enough by giving you a little love bite (it doesn’t hurt, I swear!).

I know once I get out of this stressful shelter environment my personality will really have a chance to shine. So what do you say, take a chance on me? To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Pet of the Week-Shasta


Hi my name is Shasta! I was a young mamma who had 6 beautiful babies. We all made our way here to CAAA to find homes of our own and they have all been adopted; now it’s my turn!

I am only about a year and a six months old, still have plenty of pep in my step. I would do well in a active home with a family that likes walks in the woods or adventures. I love to be around my people and I am sure to be a great loyal companion. I play with toys of all kinds and always have one in my mouth! One of my favorite games is playing fetch with tennis balls.

Stop in and visit me today if I sound like a good fit! To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Pet of the Week-Max


Hi, my name is Max! The folks here are guessing I am a young guy somewhere between 8 months old to a year. I was found on my foster’s front porch one morning. The Humane Society in the area helped to get me to an animal hospital where I could be checked out. I lived in their home for about a month and my foster says I am a sweet and gentle dog.
I love to be around people and I follow wherever they go. I am still learning my house training manners and doing well. Although the foster family dog wasn’t fond of me, I seem to like to be around other dogs and I still wanted to be friends.
I am a lap dog so I hope you don’t mind snuggling now and again. I like to play ball and my favorite toys are squeak balls. I enjoy walking outdoors and do well on a leash. I am also learning to be accustomed to the crate when no one is home. If I sound like I might be a good fit for you and your family, stop by and visit me today!
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Coyote Tips and Presentation

Here is the video from 1623 Studios of the Coyote Ecology & Behavior presentation from Dr. Jonathan Way. The presentation was held on February 27th, hosted by the Animal Advisory Committee.


This time of year coyotes will be active, so its important to protect your pets by keeping them indoors or on a leash, and never be left unsupervised.

Coyotes may be denning with small pups near your home or in the woods. They will be extra protective of their pups, so keep your dogs, even large dogs, leashed and close to you. Smaller dogs may be considered prey, while larger dogs could be considered a threat.

Coyotes are attracted to yards with bird feeders, compost, and accessible trash. Not only are some of these things easy meals for coyotes, but they also attract small rodents, which coyotes prefer to eat. You can follow this yard audit to coyote proof your yard, click Here.

We want to keep the coyotes wild, so it is important to be loud and try to scare them away. Bang pots, yell/scream, throw thing in their direction. Ask your neighbors to do the same and report anyone actively feeding them to the police.

Coyote tips card

Pet of the Week- Bucephalus

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for sweet chubby-cheeked fellows like myself?


My name is Bucephalus and I came to Cape Ann Animal Aid after my owner could no longer care for me. Coming from a home, I’m not used to the hustle and bustle of shelter life at all! But I am starting to settle in and warm up to the idea of having to find a new home at this stage of the game.

Change can be scary, but sometimes it is necessary, and I’m trying to face this challenge with a brave face. I would do best in a quieter household without a whole lot of commotion. Now that you know all my baggage, just know I would gladly accept any of yours, too. I’m not the judgmental type at all!

I’m considered a Super Senior which means my adoption fee is waived. We also are assigned super powers, and mine is CHEEKS! I hope you stop by to meet me soon. Until then I’ll be here, waiting. To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at

Pet of the Week- Bambi

Bambi image

Bambi here! I’m a sweet lady looking for a home to call my own.

No one knows everything about my past, but that’s okay because I’m looking forward to a bright future. I made my way here from the south because I know up here I have a much better chance of finding a forever family. There’s just way too much competition down south! I just recently arrived following a very long van ride with many other animals who are also dreaming of their very own homes. Because everything is unfamiliar I’m a little stand-offish at first, but I’m quite easy to win over with a little bit of treats and attention.

I imagine my hair blowing in the breeze as I run through the leaves with my new owner by my side. Do you think you may fit into this vision? Stop on by today and see if we were meant to be together forever.

To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane In Gloucester or check us out online at

Coyote Presentation Feb 26th and Feb 27th

If you can’t make the coyote presentation on Monday February 26th, we added another presentation on February 27th! Dr. Jonathan Way will present an additional seminar on Tuesday, February 27th at 10am at the Senior Center.

These talks will discuss Eastern Coyote behavior based on Dr. Jonathan’s Way research and experience. We hope this will help us to learn about coyote behavior and how we can live with our coyote neighbors and avoid conflicts.

I hope to see you there!

Alicia Pensarosa

Coyote Presentation_Feb26 & Feb 27 Poster




Coyote Ecology & Behavior Presentation

Hi All,

The Animal Advisory Committee is hosting a coyote awareness program at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck on February 26th at 7pm. Dr. Jonathan Way will be giving a presentation based on his eastern coyote research. We hope the presentation will be educational on how we can peacefully coexist with coyotes. We anticipate this will be a packed event and hope to do more of these events in the future.

Hope to see you there!

You can follow the Animal Advisory Committee on Facebook:

Alicia P.

Coyote Presentation_Feb26 Poster

Pet of the Week- Mr. Tiffany & Champ

1.22.2018 Pet of the Week--Mr. Tiffany and Champ

My buddy Champ and I are here together looking for our second chance at love.  We are a bonded pair and adore spending time playing, grooming, napping and investigating side-by-side.  Are you ready for two?  Our owner had to make a difficult choice after the hurricanes that hit the Virgin Islands and they were unable to keep us but wanted to make sure that we stayed together.  We were lucky enough to get a flight out to safety and new possibilities here at the shelter. I am a special needs kitty because I have the early stages of gingivitis and will need extra dental care in the future. But don’t let that scare you! I promise the extra care I need will only make me more grateful resulting in more nights snuggling on the couch together! Are you ready to open up your heart and home to two adorable transplants?  Come in to visit today!  To find out more about Mr. Tiffany and Champ and all of the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please visit our

Pet of the Week-Cleo

Do you know any crotchety older ladies who are a bit stubborn and set in their ways?

1.8.2018 Pet of the Week--Cleo

Well, that’s me. But who can blame me? I’ve been living my life my way for many years now, and have every right to be a bit persnickety. I made my way here to the shelter when my owner passed away. I was a well loved and cared for gal, who lived a quieter lifestyle without a lot of commotion or activity. Needless to say, being here at the shelter is a very different way of life, with lots of activity, noises, and new people coming in and out. This environmental change has not been easy on me, and so I don’t show well when folks come to visit me. But I just know that once someone with a slower paced lifestyle finds it in their heart to give me a chance, my true personality will really shine. I’m just a mellow older gal looking to live out her later years in a home once again. Please consider giving this senior gal a chance. I promise I’ll make a great companion. I don’t ask for much other than a little space, patience, and peace and quiet.  To see all of the available cats and dogs at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:

Pet of the Week- Trilon

11.13.2017 Pet of the Week-Trilon

Hi my name is Trilon! I am a bit over two years old. I am a long hair guy with a beautiful grey coat and green eyes. I have quite the affectionate personality and I love to have attention from my people. I will snuggle in close and give plenty of headbutts when I am comfortable. I was lucky enough to make my way to CAAA from the MA Feline Rescuer Transfer and I seem to really be enjoying indoor life. I am sure to be happy with a loving companion, tasty treats and a warm bed. I am considered a special needs adoption because I have FIV, which means I could have more health problems in the future because my immune system is compromised but I could also be as healthy as my fur friends. I should be kept indoors and visit with the vet on a regular schedule to make sure I stay healthy. If you’re looking for a mellow kitty ,someone over the crazy kitten phase stop by the shelter to meet me and see if I might be a good addition to your family.  To see all of the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:





Pet of the week-Lulu

10.30.2017 Pet of the Week-Lulu

Hello!  Beautiful Lulu here.  Pleased to meet you! I found myself at CAAA when my family had to move and could not keep me. I may be larger in size but don’t let that steer you away, we all know dieting is tricky and I am currently working on my shape with a low fat low calorie food. I can’t help it I am just an older mellow girl who likes to just nap and relax so if you are looking for a companion to share your days lounging around with pick me! I am considered a super senior at 11 years old and my super power is “Zen” because I am so relaxed. I really don’t mind being pet or brushed but I am not a huge fan of being picked up.

I previously lived in a home with another cat and didn’t mind sharing my space. If you’re interested in giving an older girl another shot at a loving forever home stop by and meet me. To see all of the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:



Pet of the Week- Shiloh

10.23.2017 Pet of the Week--Shiloh

Hi my name is Shiloh. The folks here are guessing I have some hound or cattle dog in my mix. I am a happy go lucky kind of guy always  have my tail wagging and pleased to see you. I am 3 years old and medium size so I would be perfect for car rides or outdoor adventures. I am over the young puppy phase and looking for a family to show me the ropes of home living. I have met a few other dogs and I seem to enjoy their company so I wouldn’t mind sharing my space.

Please stop by the shelter to meet me to see if I might be your match!  To see all of the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:

Pet of the week-Toby


10.9.2017 Pet of the Week--Toby

Toby here and ready to move on!  I am a transplant from Texas and lucky for me I arrived here ahead of Hurricane Harvey.

Not so lucky for me I had an old trauma to my left hip, most likely from an accident involving a car but no one can know for sure.  The wonderful folks here took great care of me and got me the femoral head ostecetomy surgery I needed to ensure I could lead a much more comfortable and active life in the future.  I have had my staples removed and am healing well.  I still have to take things a little easy so they won’t let me run and play like I want to yet but they keep telling me I can slowly start to increase my exercise and some day soon I will be able to run and play like I want to.

I am a handsome and lovable fellow.  I adore tennis balls, rope toys and am much more of a fan of keep away than fetch but I will trade my toys for a tasty treat.  Did I mention I adore piles of comforters to lay on. I get along well with most other dogs, big and small although I can’t really play much (the vet says I need to take it easy for a little while longer).  I did get a chance to swim a little at the pool at Camp Spindrift and swimming is great exercise for me and it will help to strengthen my muscles and help me heal faster.

I keep my kennel clean so house-training should be a piece of cake.  I am an adult rescue looking for a more adult kind of home, one with older kids maybe 10 years and up who can respect my desire to not share a tennis ball sometimes. If you are looking for a loyal companion than I am your man.

Please come on down, spend some time with me and I am sure you will fall in love just like most of the staff and volunteers have already.  To see all of the available cats and dogs at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:

Animal Advisory Committee

I wanted to share some information on the City of Gloucester Animal Advisory Committee. We are a great group of volunteers who are helping to advise the city on all matters pertaining to domestic and wild animals in the city of Gloucester. We hope to share animal related information with the public and help to make positive improvements.


Since we are in the off-season and the pups now have their beaches back, we want everyone to have fun and stay safe.  We have posted some information on our website pertaining to dogs on the beaches, you can also find this on the City of Gloucester’s website.

Dogs shall be allowed on public beaches from October 1 to April 30.

Unleashed dogs shall be allowed on the beaches as follows:

  • Good Harbor Beach:  off leash even days of the week
  • Wingaersheek Beach:  off leash odd days of the week
  • Plum Cove Beach and Cressy’s Beach:  off leash any day of the week

Currently we are collecting data on any coyote sightings in the city. We are collecting this information so that we can document areas where coyotes are frequently seen and identify any conflict hotspots, in order to assist with any education or mitigation efforts.

If you have any experiences please submit them via our website:

We have a yard audit on the site that you can follow to coyote (and other animal) proof your yard.


We have monthly committee meetings that are open to the public for any comments, our meeting schedules will be posted on the City of Gloucester’s calendar.

Please follow us on Facebook or visit our website: 




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