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Breaking News: Man vs Food

Oh the humanity, I saw the whole thing. Not to give it all away at once but,

The cow ate some bad grass early:

and that was only round three. It went …

Yes, she is covering up nicely the fact that is the sign for round six upside down because no one one could have thought this event could go nine rounds.  Did Joey lose his voice, did Big Lar nail it again?  Installments of the details coming.

Who’s Coming To The GMG Man Vs Food Challenge Saturday Morning?

I hope to see a good amount of GMG fans tomorrow morning at Passports for the GMG Passports Man Vs Food Rouge Burger Challenge.

We will be kicking things off at 10:00AM sharp.  I’ll be sure to have Free Homie Stickers and we will be doing a live taping.  Come on down and be a part of the action!

Click this text for directions to Passports
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Click The Map For More Detailed Instructions

Click The Map For More Detailed Instructions

GMG Passports Man Vs Food Challenge Preview

For anyone who completes The Man vs Food Challenge they will get their burger for free and a Limited Edition Passports “I Finished The Rogue Burger” T-Shirt limited to the first six people that sign up in the comment section of this post. Come on down 10AM to cheer on our contestants!

The Next Thing You Can’t Miss- Celebrate Gloucester II AT LAT 43 OUTSIDE WITH OUR NEWLY CONSTRUCTED 25 FOOT WIDE SCREEN!!!!

Have we disappointed you yet?  As one of the team who dreamed up and brought the first Block Parties, the Horrible Parade Float, The Old Cuban Cigar and Folly Cove Rum Cruises aboard The Thomas Lannon,The Man vs Food Challenges? Just to name a few, but seriously if we put our name on an event, we bring the thunder and this time will be NO EXCEPTION!

En Plein Air!!!!

With help from my man Ed Collard, we have constructed a gargantuan screen which we will be hoisting up onto the beams in front of Lat 43 and screening Greasy Pole Videos featuring all three winning walks from the 2011 Greasy Pole, Seine Boat Races, Blue Lobster Videos 2o feet wide, St Joseph’s Novena Video, Faces of The Greasy Pole, Back Shore After The Storm Video, Sam Hartson’s “This Is Fiesta Movie.



All this while McDonough and chef Jeff Cala serve up this killer menu outside-

All very affordable pick up food.

Clam Chowder $4

Chicken Wings $4

Pizza $4

Pulled Pork Sliders  $4

Sushi $8

Popcorn  $2

And To Top It All Off- 10% of all food and beverage sales goes to GFAA to help rebuild Newell Stadium.

Lat-GMG-GFAA Block Party Sept 2011 (1)

Some Screen Caps of The Movies We Will Be Playing-



DTF Burger Challenge at the Farm Bar and Grille – Video

Host Noah and Emcee Joey Ciaramitaro hold the first 2011 Man vs. Food Challenge at the Farm Bar and Grille. special Thanks to Brad, Noah and Ryan from the Farm Bar and Grille for once again pulling off an over-the-top event. the Fifth Leg of the GMG Man vs Food Series is in the books.  Look for our next event once again teaming up with the Farm for Mussel Mania in May.

Watch video starring T-Roy, The Cow, Ed Collard, Homeless Ruth, Big Lar, Doug Maxfield, No Mercy Hersey, Frankie “The Silver Bullet” Gwynne, and the Ice Man.

The pandemonium of the final round starts  4 minutes into the video with the slide show at the end. Also 1 minute 19 seconds the Cow loses his lunch in a heroic display of vomitorious glory.

For all past GMG Man vs Food events including The Three Stooge Challenge, The Rogue Burger Challenge, the Hot Wing Challenge and The Corndog Challenge you can check the pages of pictures and video by clicking here.

Oh My Lord What A Night! Surprises Galore Mark The DTF Burger Challenge

I don’t even now where to start so I’ll just jot down random things as they come to me in my completely foggy hung-over state of mind.

The night was completely out of control.  Big Lar made a surprise appearance out of no where. Ed Collard had a physical malfunction which knocked him out of the competition in the second round.

We had a solid field of 9 competitors including T-Roy, The Cow, Ed Collard, Homeless Ruth, Big Lar, Doug Maxfield, No Mercy Hersey, Frankie “The Silver Bullet” Gwynne, and the Ice Man.

The guys at the Farm Bar and Grille- Noah, Ryan and Brad have created a community dining establishment which IMO is unparalleled as far as a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.  They completely get-it and I’m happy to consider them friends as well as co-hosts for the many excellent events we’ve managed to pull off over the past few years.

Let Me Get This Out Of The Way Up Front.

The Former Three Time Undefeated Champ Went Down In The Final Round To the New Champ Of GMG/ Farm Bar and Grille Man vs Food Challenge-



More Details-Pictures and Video to Come

Homeless Ruth Is DTF!!!!


The last time we caught up with Homeless Ruth she took us on a carriage ride through the beautiful streets of Rockport MA.

We met when hungry Ruth wandered in from the street to chow down and participate in the Rogue Burger Challenge at Passports two years ago.  Ruth stood toe to toe with Ed Collard and Big Lar in the second leg of the GMG Man vs Food Series at Passports but wasn’t up to the task of bringing down the big boys.   Wanting to vindicate herself, she has thrown her hat into the ring and will be (as of this writing) the sole female contestant for the Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge.

I’m very excited to have Ruth participate.  Do not let her small frame fool you- she put away 3/4 of the competition in the Rogue Burger Challenge- She’s a competitor!



Hope to see you there!!!!!!

Patrick Ryan Is DTF

Last night our own Patrick  Ryan gave word that he is officially entering the GMG/Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge February 24th.


He joins Ed Collard and Jeremy Goldberg, owner of Cape Ann Brewing as the entrants from GMG.  we have two spots open.  Calling Big Lar!!!!!!

Patrick was talking a big game last night and I personally saw him crush 5 soft tacos without breaking a sweat.  We will see if he has what it takes.

This event joins the Three Stooge Challenge at Tucker’s Farm Family Diner, The Rogue Burger Challenge at Passports, The Farm Bar and Grille Hot Wing Challenge and The Farm Bar and Grille Corndog Challenge in the GMG Man vs Food Competitive Eating Series.

The Farm is the perfect venue for these events with the stage, the PA system, and the hosts- Ryan, Bradley and Noah who show everyone a great time in an atmosphere which is unmatched for fun- the Farm Bar and Grille!

I’ll be emceeing and have some special surprises for you guys.  Be sure to clear your schedules for next Thursday night!

Here is Ryan Cox making the announcement-


Are You DTF? Then Sign Your Ass Up For The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille DTF Burger Challenge

The Farm Bar and Grill Pulled Pork Nachos

My Personal Favorite Of All Time


Don’t forget! If you know someone who can eat!  I MEAN REALLY EAT!

Contact me or the Boys at The Farm Bar and Grille to enter the DTF Burger Man vs Food Challenge February 24th at the Farm.  Ed Collard has already thrown his hat into the ring.  (but you probably already knew he would)

We Did It Together- On December 29th GMG Turns 3 Years Old



The first post was December 29th 2007.  The Feed (For those of you who subscribe and get GMG through email at the end of the night) was created January 19th 2008.


Sharon was the second contributor and is second in command.  She is the only other person who has access to approving comments and has full control of the blog in the event that I got in a horrible accident and died.  Her first post came on January 2nd, 2009 a year after the blog began Since then she has done 1067 posts.

That first year I didn’t blog with the frequency I do now.  There was several posts a day but not the hourly schedule of a post an hour every hour from 6AM-7PM with the occasional midnight post thrown in.  In the entire 3 year run there have only been 13 days that went without a post the last being April 15th 2008.  Days since December 29th 2007 without a post- Jan 24, 28th 2008 February 7, 8 ,9 , 10 and 11th 2008, March 3, 7, and 12th 2008 and April 6, 13 and 15th, 2008.

Every day since there has been at least one post and most days in the last two years there have been an around 14 posts per day.

We added Mike Lindberg February 21, 2009 and Mike contributed 168 posts.  Then came Laurie Lufkin in June of ‘09 who has 110 posts- mostly of her recipes or asking folks to vote for one of her cooking contests that she’s entered.  Laurie also ran both GMG Holiday Cookie Contests.

Paul Morrison from Rockport started posting in November of ‘09 and brings his unique sense of humor to his posts as well as in the comment section. Paul Morrison created the GMG Wikipedia Page.  Always adding valuable insight to relevant posts. Post count- 131

Next came Thom Falzarano in December of ‘09 and David Cox.  Thom mainly posts  Gloucester Sporting events with an occasional stunning landscape or community event thrown in.  Thom has 150 posts under his belt.

Paulie (Walnuts) Frontiero joined the team in January of 2010.  Paulie likes to bust my chops but I know he’s someone I can count on and consider a good friend. In fact I consider all of our contributors friends.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have posting privileges.  Paulie’s post count is 429.  Sharon, Paulie, Joanne Silva and newcomer E.J. are the most consistent contributors. filling their respective  9:00AM, 10:AM, 12:00PM and 3:00PM timeslots 99% of the time. Debbie Clarke often puts in posts under Paulie’s account.  She has done many art demonstrations and along with Paulie got the Sketchbook project off the ground.

Alicia Pensarosa first posted in January 2010 and often graces us with her killer cell phone pics.  I first met Alicia and her mate Mike at Janice Lufkin Shea’s Cormorant Shop during the first year of the blog when Alicia and Mike were on a day trip to Gloucester and she recognized me from the pages of GMG.  A year or so later her and Mike bought a place in Gloucester and joined the team. Post count- 53

Manny Simoes- February 2010 who is a community event whore (a good thing) who has no fear and is not afraid to knock on doors and stick his camera in anyone’s grill to bring the best of the community to our viewership.  Manny despite being blind does great work with his interviews and video work and is a huge asset to the team. Post count- 182

Joanne Silva first post May 2010 covers the Gloucester music scene like no other.  She consistently fills her noon time slot with the latest local music acts. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the contributors who stick to their time slots because I feel a personal responsibility to our viewership that every time they check in every hour on the hour they will see something new.  When I can count on the posts being placed in their proper time slots ahead of time it allows me to fill in the rest of the schedule with posts to make sure every hour is covered.  Post count 217

Beth Swan June 2010 has the 2:00PM slot and is responsible for designing  the official GMG logo. Beth also created the GMG Facebook Page She has currently been on hiatus with a pregnancy but we look forward to the birth of her baby and return to the blog.  Post count 142

Mart Luster also June 2010 another GMG fan who I met through his son a GMG FOB from NY.  Marty had come up for a weekend visit October before last and we met up at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center for the International Dory Race Committee dory raffle.  That one night(the first night ever) in Gloucester was enough for Marty as he returned to New York and told his long time love that they were packing up and moving to Gloucester.  Post count 69

Patrick Ryan is my G-Town Poser buddy who loves everything about Gloucester and shares a childish sense of humor with me and a passion for gadgets. He started his GMG tenure in September and was responsible for putting the Sunny D and Rum night at Dog Bar together. He tells me he’s going to bring the thunder and put up some really quality posts in anticipation of his next round of contract negotiations.  Post count 33

Sarah Kelly- November 2101 I met doing an interview to pimp the Rockport Harvest festival.  Being duly impressed with her organizational skills, her blogging and design prowess on her blog The Roving Home, and in the know about happenings in Rockport I brought her in as a fantastic representative of Rockport to complement and perhaps balance out the whacky Paul Morrison. Post count- 15

E.J. Khan/Lefavour- EJ first contacted me about wanting to advertise her Dogtown calendar.  I told her that I wanted to give Sharon’s Calendars the much deserved space on the blog as respect for all she does on the blog and didn’t want to hurt her calendar sales.  E.J. wrote back that she understood and would like to be a contributor to GMG.  I didn’t know anything about E.J. but told her to compose a few test posts and I’d see if it was something we could use.  Within a couple of hours she had emailed me 5 or so quality posts of her “Did you know” series and then the next time I checked my email there was another 5 sitting there.  She had good stuff and was willing to learn the system.  In about three days I knew she’d fit right in and now has 9 posts under her name and about another 9 that I posted for her.

We also have contributions from the up for anything Donna Ardizzoni who emails me her posts and Ed Collard who I can always count on to go cover a story if I can’t get away from the dock(even if his camera is pointed at the ground or he is taking pictures when he thinks he is taking videos and vice-verse).

David Cox is responsible for some fantastic sports and community photography which I post for him and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy his mentoring and companionship.

Greg Bover sends in his quotes of the week and Tina Ketchopolos sends in the Cape Ann Animal Aid Adopt a Pet of The Week for which we are very grateful.

We have to acknowledge Frank Ciolino and Chuck Shewbridge for always helping out with the printing the GMG stickers and being all around great guys.

It’s been an incredibly fulfilling ride.  The different series such as the Gloucester at Dawn, Beautiful Industry, The Fiesta, The Block Parties, The Dory Races, Sharon’s Where’s Zat?,the Contests, the Flowerbox Competitions, The Cookie Contests, The Food Pictures, The Promotion of All The Great Businesses and Events at The Chamber of Commerce, The Sidewalk Bazaar, The Home and Garden Show,the High School Athletics, the Breaking News stories, The Funny Stories From The Dock, the Producing of over 1700 videos, The GMG Flickr Group, Joanne’s GMG Music Calendar, the Food Map, The Free WiFi Map, Paul Morrison’s compilation of the GMG Wikipedia Page, Beth Swan’s creation of The GMG Facebook Fan Page,Paulie Frontiero’s Art Rocks Series, The GMG Sticker Represent! series,The Survivor Scoops, The Amazing Race Scoops, The Around The World In a Day Scoop, The Glamour UK shoot, The Insider Photos of The Grown Ups Set, and The Sandra Bullock Movie, The Russo Family Fundraiser, The GMG Man vs Food Series, The Gloucester Guerilla Art Projects,and so much more.

I’ve been honored by the  Senate and Congress for the work on GMG and received and Action Inc Outreach award.

But let me tell you all something from the bottom of my heart.

The number one thing that I cherish about this thing called Good Morning Gloucester is the relationships and opportunities to create friendships with so many quality people and that is worth more than awards, more than money.

Friendships, love, passion for creating and an outlet to express it all.  What more could a man ask for?

Thank you all, for without you there is no GMG. It would have just been a guy banging away on his computer with no one responding, no one reading and no one else contributing.

Would you just look at what we’ve created- TOGETHER.

love you guys

the boss-post count 9993

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below about how you discovered GMG or what it means to you.

Don’t Forget To Say Hi To The Tuckers Farm Family Diner Folks At Topsfield Fair

Photo From Donna Ardizzoni

Our own Tucker's Farm Topsfield Fair

Wonder If They Are Serving Up Three Stooge Challenges-

These Clips Are From The GMG Man vs Food Three Stooge Challenge

Part III

Ten Minutes In

Cliff Rideout- A Mean (not so lean) Eating Machine Part IV Video

Good Times.  Look for the next GMG Man vs Food Challenge Soon

First Installment Of Ask Ed – Handyman Questions Answered By Our Ed Collard

New Feature- Ask Ed.

Many of you guys know Ed from our many GMG Man vs Food Challenges.  You might know Ed from his work each weekend cleaning up sections of the City as part of the One Hour at a Time gang with Donna Ardizzoni and Co.  Maybe you saw him in our videos volunteering his time to help clear I4C2.

In any case Ed has been in the home repair and construction business for ever and as a FOB (friend of the Blog) I asked him to do a weekly segment where you the GMg reader could write in your home repair questions in the comment section and at the end of the week I would ask Ed the questions and he would answer them in a weekly video on these pages.

Here is The First Question Sent In By Beth Swan Which Ed Answers In the Video Below

Pleased to have met you at the parade and what a great idea! I will have many questions for you as we are constantly working on projects with our 1929 home.

What should you do with a junction box in the ceiling that you no longer use (in this case for a fire alarm that we no longer hard-wire). Should you get a junction box cover, and then patch, seal, and paint, effectively removing it from sight, but leaving those lovely little mysteries for future owners to “discover”? Should you have it removed by an electrician to avoid potential problems (if this is even possible)? Should you just tape a superman poster up over it and pretend the ugly little problem never reared it’s tiny head?

—NOT an electrician

Ed offers honest and fair handyman  services.

you can contact him directly for Home repair work at 978-479-6401

or his email

Feel free to ask Ed a home repair question in the comment section here at Good Morning Gloucester and we will answer it in a video segment

or if you would like to visit Ed’s Website and sign up for his homeowners newsletter you can check that out here

Ask Ed! Ask Ed Collard A Home Repair Question On GMG and Get Your Answer

New Feature- Ask Ed.

Many of you guys know Ed from our many GMg Man vs Food Challenges.  or you might know Ed from his work each weekend cleaning up sections of the City as part of the One Hour at a Time gang with Donna Ardizzoni and Co.  Maybe you saw him in our videos volunteering his time to help clear I4C2.

In any case Ed has been in the home repair and construction business for ever and as a FOB (friend of the Blog) I asked him to do a weekly segment where you the GMg reader could write in your home repair questions in the comment section and at the end of the week I would ask Ed the questions and he would answer them in a weekly video on these pages.

Watch the video for more info-

Ed offers honest and fair handyman  services.

you can contact him directly for Home repair work at 978-479-6401

or his email

Feel free to ask Ed a Home repair Question and we will answer it in a video segment

Most memorable GMG post for me as we approach 1,000,000

There are so many memorable posts over the past two years but the one that sort of sticks out was Mike Lindberg’s 2009 year in review.

I know that we churn out a ton of quality content but in Mike’s 2009 year in review it sort of took me aback with the number of interviews that he grabbed snippets of in that video and that was just a fraction of the ones that were actually conducted.

There are thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos- so many that I forget about a lot of them until I go through the archives.

I also love all the Fiesta coverage, Man vs Food Challenges, Flower box Competitions, Block Party Coverage, The GMG Tree Project…. god I could go on and on.

I love to write and wish I had more time to write more and love to do interviews because I love meeting new people and creating new friendships.

The blog has been such an incredible blessing in that it has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and create new friendships.

The contributors starting with ever faithful and reliable Sharon.  Mike Lindberg, Paulie Frontiero, Laurie Lufkin, Paul Morrison, Alicia Pensarosa, David Cox and Thom Falzorano,Donna Ardizzoni,Beth Swan, Frank Ciolino, Jo-Anne Silva and the new guy who has been just everywhere- Manuel Simoes.

We can’t forget the people who leave regular comments after posts and let us know that yes, we do have an audience and what people like and dislike.

I’ve always said that give me good friendships over money any day of the week and the richness in friendships that have been a result of the blog have made me a very rich man indeed.

Being able to bring our community together, make people aware of all the great stuff happening around us and highlighting the very best of our spot on earth has been so very rewarding for everyone involved.

Thanks for everyone who has been a part of this thing.  I’d probably be locked up in a mental institution without you.

Thank you each and every one of you for your friendship.

Your Pal Joey

It’s On Bitches!- Corndogs- Yes Corndogs!

The final negotioations have taken placed and we’ve inked a deal to bring the next leg of The Good Morning Gloucester Man vs Food Challenge to you and it’s all about the corndogs baby!

After an absolutely insane night of fun at The Farm Bar and Grille for the Hot Wing Challenge we decided we had to go back to the well as the venue was just perfect for our event.  The owners Brad, Noah and Ryan are more than accomodating and the combination of the sound system, the ability to drink during the event and the set-up of the room is just phenomenal.  I’m sure that anyone who attended would surely agree.

The date is February 11th and we have firm commitments from past champs Big Lar’ and Ed Collard.  Dangerous Dick Low has been suspiciously absent so we will try to locate him as well as Tucker Farm Family Diner  Three Stooge Breakfast Champ Cliff Rideout.

We have several slots open for competitive eaters so if you know anyone that can really put it away let me know and I’ll see if I can slide them into one of the few open slots.  Keep in mind that we have a very strong field so please don’t waste my time with a naomination for a slightly above average eater.  They gotta really bring the thunder and have a personality to back it up. 

To watch any of the videos from the past GMG Man vs Food Challenge click this link

The Farm Bar and Grille February 11th- Be There!

Announcing The Next Leg Of The GMG Food Challenge Series At The Farm Bar and Grille

Thursday Night November 12th At The Farm Bar and Grille

Play The Video To Hear The Details Of The Latest GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Man vs Food Competitive Eating Challenge.  We’re breaking out the waivers on this one folks!

Ed Collard, Cliff Rideout and Big Lar’ get byes into the event and we have Jeremy Guyotte joining the mix.  That leaves one open slot for a lucky GMG contestant to enter.  The Farm Bar and Grill will have 5 open slots to fill so if you don’t get in here with the first comment stating you want in, contact Ryan, Bradley or Noah at The Farm- 978-768-0000

You can also check out their facebook page for more details or the website

We Are Looking For Contestants For The Three Stooge Challenge To Be Taped For GMG

Still no official entrants for the Tucker Farm Man Vs Food Three Stooge Challenge.  We are looking for someone who wants to take it on and get their name on a plaque, along with starring in our video.  Ed the House Doctor says that it sounds like no problem but has yet to officially throw his hat into the ring.

Paul Morrison?  Hedgie?  You guys are always up for a contest.  Are you men or are you mice?  Step up.  I want a GMG contributor to have the first name on that plaque!  It’s to be taped Sunday at 9AM at Tucker’s Farm Family Diner- for more info on what it takes to win the challenge, check out this video in which Nicole gives the terms of the Three Stooge Challenge-

Tucker’s Farm Family Diner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.