Thank you Ryan & Wood

Ryan & Wood Distilleries at Blackburn Park.
Because of the COVID-19 crisis, we have switched our production lines to making hand-sanitizer to try and help out. The Federal Government (FDA) recently gave distilleries permission to make this to help with the shortage. It’s made from our vodka distillate according to the World Health Organization recipe of Alcohol (80% of product), Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerol.
We intend on donating to local food banks, medical providers, and people who work with elderly. Today we have reached out to the Council of Aging and Cape Ann Food Pantry.


Welcome to Ryan & Wood Distilleries


lineup at still.jpg

In 2006, Bob Ryan and his nephew Dave Wood founded Ryan & Wood Distilleries with the dream of producing small batch spirits in their coastal home of Gloucester, MA on Cape Ann.  Steeped in blue-collar maritime history, Gloucester is an ideal “port of origin” for our whiskies, gins, rums, and vodkas. Our spirits are made the old-fashioned way in our copper pot and column still, fit for hard-working locals and world travelers alike.


Growing up, Bob spent most his days on the Gloucester waterfront working at his father’s seafood processing company.  After 35 successful years he sought out a new adventure.  Ryan & Wood proved to be a perfect marriage of his manufacturing knowledge and his wish to pay homage to his hometown’s maritime past, now evident in the artwork on each of our bottles.  Bob loves to say that Gloucester was built by “ships of wood and men of iron,” noting that only the ships have changed.


They say “father knows best,” but when it comes to spirits, this mother and grandmother is the Queen of tasting Whiskey, Rum, Gin, and Vodka.  Possessing the best palette of the crew, Kathy has the final say on what gets the Ryan & Wood stamp of approval.


Doug represents the second generation of the Ryan family to take up distilling.  An attorney by trade, he handles the legal work of our highly-regulated industry but prefers to be milling grains and mashing whiskey!  You can catch him on the production floor during your tour, and at most of our tastings and promotional events pouring spirits and spreading the word.


Jennifer handles most of Ryan & Wood’s Social Media and marketing efforts, but her Dominican heritage gives her a special perspective on the world of Rum! She also has the some of the finest handwriting in the region, a necessary skill for writing the barrel and bottle number on each individual bottle of our single-barrel craft whiskies.

In Memoriam, David Nelson Wood, Esq.

The “Wood” of Ryan & Wood, Bob and Kathy’s nephew Dave helped found the company and worked tirelessly to build it from the ground up.  Although he passed away in 2012, his fingerprints still linger in every aspect of the operation.  Dave’s business acumen was only surpassed by his sharp wit and dedication to his family.  We’re proud to carry on his legacy with each bottle of Ryan & Wood.  Cheers, Dave!

A true American gem based in New England; their spirits are incredibly flavorful, aromatic, and smooth. Great stop on a tour of Gloucester or for any spirits fan.

/  JEFF D.  /

“Bob Ryan and his family are among the kindest and generous people you’d ever want to meet! Their distillery is immaculately kept which is a reflection of the pride and passion they put into their business and spirits. Make sure you get a bottle of rum and bring home a little “Glosta.”

/  DON A.  /

“On my most recent trip some friends mentioned Ryan & Wood Distilleries and asked a few of us to go pick up a couple of bottles for them. Upon arriving we were given an impromptu tour that was entertaining and incredibly informative. There is so much care for craft and history in what Ryan & Wood do and you can taste it in their product. They make a great tasting rye and their gin is just insane. In all of New York I think my house will be serving up the best martini.”

/  STEPHEN F.  /

“A true American gem based in New England; their spirits are incredibly flavorful, aromatic, and smooth. Great stop on a tour of Gloucester or for any spirits fan.”

/  JEFF D.  /

“We stopped by an took the tour. This is a family run operation and one of the owners does the tour. She explained all the process for making all of their products (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey). I have been on several brewery tours and a couple distillery tours. This was the most informative. At the end we were able to do a tasting and were impressed enough to but three bottles.”


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