Dear Short & Main Customers,

First we want to thank everyone for their generosity over the past week.  As the ground shifted beneath our feet last week we had to lay-off 90% of our beloved staff and move to a new business model of curbside pickup.  It’s been tough obviously but the number of well wishes and takeout orders have helped raise our spirits.

With continued optimism, we hope to stay open and serve our community in these surreal times. When we get through it we hope to hire everyone back and probably have a really, really big party.

Until this is over the staff that have been let go could use some assistance.  We’ve set up a relief fund for our affected employees located on our website.  If any of our customers are able to contribute it would mean a great deal at this time.

We’re excited to offer our monthly burger special this Wednesday the 25th.  We expect to run out and would like to give all of you the option to reserve one online before Wednesday. If you’re worried about not getting one please go to our websitewhere we’ll explain how it works.

The following Wednesday, April 1st, We’ll be offering our monthly fried chicken special and give you the same reservation option we’re using for Burger Wednesday.
Starting Thursday March 6th we’ll bring back non-pizza entrees for all our GF friends, starting with Massachusetts raised beef short rib and then moving to a delicious roast chicken from Green Circle Farm the following week.

We’ll post our menu to the website every time it changes but we’re trying to keep things a bit simpler for the time being.

-sincerely Short & Main

WEDNESDAY  MARCH 25    BURGER NIGHT  fresh-ground grass-fed beef from jordan farms
WEDNESDAY  APRIL 1     FRIED CHICKEN  chicken from green circle farms

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