GHS Student Resources

Dear Parents and Guardians of GHS Students,

I hope you are all doing well. GHS teachers and staff members have been thinking a lot about the health and well-being of GHS students and families as we’ve worked together over the past several days to create and gather school closure resources to share with you.

Please know that throughout the period of school closure, I will be available by email if you have any questions. If you prefer to call 978-281-9870 ext 14003, I will respond to your call as soon as possible. Although we are living through a period of social distancing, I hope that through the resources provided below GHS students will be able continue learning and stay both physically and mentally well. Sláinte! (Health!)

GHS Learning & Support Activities & Resources During the School Closure

Here is a link to a “front page” of student learning activities for the Spring 2020 school closure. When you click on the link, you will see that the resources are grouped by academic department. When you click on a particular department, you will find descriptions and links to learning activities organized by courses and teachers within the department. Please work with your child to find the learning activities and resources for your child’s classes. The “front page” link can also be found at

Created and selected by GHS staff, the activities and resources are designed to provide opportunities to practice, extend, and supplement learning during the school closure. We’re mindful that not all of our students will have access to remote learning technology and support at home. Because it is extremely important to us to provide all students with equal access to required learning, the learning opportunities provided during school closure will not replace required curriculum and instruction, and completion of the activities is not required. However, the activities and resources complement required curriculum and instruction and will provide a way for students to continue learning during the school closure. 

The “front page” document also contains support and health-based links (which I’ve copied here), and the Gloucester Public School nurses have provided this link to families with information about Covid-19.

We will continue to work on providing more resources for students and families as the closure progresses.

Thank you for partnering with us to help your child maintain a daily routine that includes learning and well-being. Please consider using these resources to help structure unstructured time, doing so will have educational and mental health benefits.

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