Coroneconomy – some local shopping sales bump

Is your supermarket busy? Here’s the Stop & Shop crush 6pm yesterday with lines for cashiers and self-checkout wrapped all around.

crush at supermarket 6pm_20200312_©c ryan


The essentials – one shopper’s cart last night -ice cream and water!

the essentials_ice cream and water_one shopper's cart at stop & shop Gloucester MA_20200312 ©c ryan

Not just UK apparently- here’s the toilet paper aisle at BJ’s today. Courtesy photo with note- “The shelves are empty here. The economy will be fine.” 

Coronavirus shopping_ not just UK toilet paper aisle at BJs_ Danvers MA 2020 March 13 © c king

Beyond health and safety conversations with family and friends, at this early week mark, I’m seeing discussions about which industries may be impacted disastrously or pick up. Ditto public services: public meetings will be postponed, but could roadwork ramp up as more people stay home and off the road? One friend canceled a party this weekend, signing off with some black humor – stay healthy and send suggestions for staying cooped up with kids. Another friend sparked a debate about sending students home from college (many untested):

“We are missing a huge opportunity as a Nation. Given that we have barely conducted 6000 tests in two weeks, when compared to South Korea which conducts 20,000 test A DAY! We clearly need to ramp up! Our college kids are healthy, pretty indestructible, and well educated. They could run tests, assist in research, help out in medical settings, even help in transforming hotels or other spaces into medical ready facilities. But we are sending them home, to sit on couches and play video games. Why?” – Linda 

Responses back ranged from the difficulties of such close quarters in dorms to alternative approaches in the works (like the Univ. of Washington appealing to grad students to do just that, and Colgate keeping kids on campus).

Healthy wishes to all and feeling grateful for the work that will be undertaken by so many–and at risk– to keep us safe.

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