Scenic Ride Along 127

In my time volunteering at the Visitors’ Center, I am often asked what’s the best way to “get a feel” for Cape Ann and I always recommend driving the perimeter on 127/127A. The map below is my feeble attempt to finger-draw the route I suggest they take. (Not to scale, as they say…..and not to many other standards either…..) The next question invariably is “How long does it take?” and I would answer with a wild guess. Yesterday I decided to drive the route, make a few scenic stops and track the time and distance. This recommended route is about 16 miles and took me 51 minutes with brief stops. You will notice I started at Stage Fort Park and ended at the rotary. Now I know and will share this valuable knowledge with this season’s visitors!

Stops included many that are recognizable: Man at the Wheel statue, Good Harbor Beach, Rockport Motif, Halibut Point State Park,  Ipswich Bay and Plum Cove Beach. There are many others, of course, but I was just focusing on the scenic ones most easily accessible by visitors. It’s a great ride to take even on a slightly hazy, foggy day in late winter.

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