Northern Gannet Rescue

Yesterday, the SeaPort Veterinary Hospital had a Northern Gannet that needed transport to Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton so I decided to take a bird for a ride. The staff at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital told me this feisty Gannet was found near Zeke’s earlier in the day.

I neglected to take the time of day into account so this ride occurred during rush hour and was longer than it should have been, but the Gannet didn’t seem to mind. I put NPR on to keep him calm 😁 for the ride. He was mostly pretty quiet, just occasionally making little noises in the back. He only squawked vigorously in each facility at both ends of the trip, and it was LOUD! I decided to call him GMG Gannet.

I felt like a story circle was closing in that the Northern Gannet I reported a couple of weeks ago may or may not have survived…..I didn’t know how that Gannet made out, but this one is now safe and in good hands. Thank you staff at Zeke’s, SeaPort Veterinary Hospital and Tufts Wildlife Clinic!

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