Gloucester Plovers Go Swimming! New short film created for Mass Wildlife Coastal Waterbird Cooperators. Turn up the volume to hear the chicks peeping and Dad Plover piping.



  1. Absolutely enchanting! Delightful beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing the magic of these enormously charming tiny birds! Cannot wait for the book. 😉

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  2. They remind me of those little plastic wind up chicks when they move in little bursts. They swim the same way. They seem so vulnerable it’s miraculous that they survive…especially at Good Harbor! It’s great that you’ve filmed them. Thanks.

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    1. Exactly, when they are feeding they do look like wind up toys, only ten times faster! Hours and hours and days and days of footage from the past four years. Time to start putting it all together 🙂


  3. Just wonderful ! It is a privilege to watch this charming movie, and a miracle to know it happened on such a crowded beach. Thank you for sharing . Every one in Gloucester should see the film of these courageous little birds .

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    1. Thanks so much Solange for writing. I am putting together a story book, longer film, and lecture program, which I hope so much will help people better understand how vulnerable are these tiny birds.


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