Gloucester Harbormaster TJ Ciarametaro Demos Dockwa Marina Software @GetDockwa

In this video TJ shows how the Dockwa software program makes it super easy to manage and maximize available dockage. It also integrates communication so the whole process is as seamless and could be.

And in the video below it’s a screen capture from my cellphone of downloading the app from the user’s perspective-
Do you own a boat? If so, you gotta check this out!

If you use Chris’s referral code you’ll get money off your next visit.

Chris McCarthy has given you credit to use on Dockwa! To claim, simply enter Chris McCarthy’s referral code during checkout. Referral Code: MRMPG ⁦⁦

Here’s a screen video grab from my cellphone of me downloading the Dockwa app from the App Store and checking out all the places in Gloucester offering dockage and the different filters you can apply. Download it here-

I want to invest in this company.  It’s disruptive the way UBER and AirBNB are. #gamechanger

Remember on this date July 12, 2019 Joey Ciaramitaro told you about Dockwa and if there was a way to invest in Dockwa I would because it’s going to be huge. I’m just leaving this dated note here to look back on when it goes public at a bajillion times whatever it’s worth right now.

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