Pink House Hawk

I recently found a hawk watching over the iconic pink house on Plum Island and shared it on Facebook. A New York friend asked “You mean THE Plum Island?” and before I dashed off “Ummm….yes, of course”, I checked for other well known Plum Islands. Now Google knows where I am so the results favored our Plum Island so I didn’t scroll down the list very far. So I affirmed I meant THE Plum Island. And she asked “How did you get there and what about the lab?” Then I knew I was out of my depth. She informed me of the Long Island NY Plum Island which has a lab that studies hoof and mouth disease and comes under the  umbrella of Homeland Security.  Who knew?

The “Who knew?”, of course, is rhetorical since I am sure there are several Plum Islands well known in their geographic areas, but I think ours is very special.


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