“Thank You, Gloucester,” With Love From Adventureman

Shortly before hopping on his flight back to his home, Gloucester, England, Jamie…..well, Adventureman…sent me this “Thank you to my home-from-home letter” and asked me to share it here on Good Morning Gloucester.  He has also posted it on his own social media for his fans around the world to see, but wanted to be sure that everyone here, in our Gloucester, also knows how thankful he is.

So, to Gloucester…his new “home away from home”…. with love from Adventureman.  (but, before you read on….I am taking the liberty of reminding you that it is never too late to donate.  You can do so here… https://www.adventureman.org/donate/

Ok…back to his thank you letter…

My ‘home from home’ thank yous. 

Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet. After leaving Gloucester, Massachusetts, I had to race against time, to drive down to Miami for a talk – where a company wanted to give a big donation in return for me sharing my story.’

On the road trip, my energy levels crashed. While Anna drove, I drifted in and out of sleep four days in the passenger seat, like a nodding dog, dribbling over myself.

Anyhow, enough of the dribbling. More importantly, the finish of my run was just so damn special – there’s a lot of thank yous to make.

Let’s be honest, having hundreds and hundreds (and then some!) of adults and kids running alongside me, wearing capes, doesn’t just appear – it needed energy to make that happen!

And, it all stemmed from the team at Good Morning Gloucester, including Joey Ciaramitaro, Nichole Wadsworth Schrafft, and Pat Dalpiaz, who shouted out on their awesome podcast and blog to rally the local people.

It also helped having the backing of the Gloucester Mayor, Sefatia Romeo Theken, who really got the community behind the run too. (I know Sandy Jimson from the UK was hot on the telephone as well, calling everyone she could, including the Mayor.)  I know that the Gloucester Police Department also helped out with arrangements and made sure that we had escorts to the big finish line which was pretty cool.

During the last few hundred metres of the run, Kerry McKenna and Ringo Tarr at Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce made a big effort by bringing out speakers to play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – which as you can imagine, totally helped to build the energy on the final stretch.

As I crossed the finish, there was an enormous banner with hundreds of signatures on it which melted my heart. That was made by James and Anna Eves at Cape Ann Giclee. So a big thank you to them!

On the night that I finished the run, Ray Johnston and the staff at the Beauport Hotel put me and Anna up for the night. It was seriously posh and just amazing.

After the run, Loran Caputo and Brad Pierce at the Cape Ann Motor Inn put me, my friends and family up for a whole week.  It’s a hotel situated on a quiet beach which was just what we needed after all the madness.

On our last night in Gloucester, Maggie and Joe Rosa cooked us up an awesome dinner and they were totally fine with my Dad eating like a savage caveman, with half the food going into his beard.

(If I’ve missed anyone out, I’m so sorry, you know who you are and you’ll forever be in my heart!)

My final thank you, is to everyone who came to the finish. I know people flew across the country, drove for hours, and some even came from the UK. You all made the last few days so special. And of course, everyone that donated.

As most of you know, my hometown in the UK is Gloucester, and without a doubt finishing in Gloucester (Massachusetts) was the best decision ever! I was genuinely made to feel like Gloucester, MA was my hometown for real.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Gloucester, Massachusetts – which will always be ‘home from home’.


2019 03 27 Adventure Man & Misc Cannon 016
Awesome Banner Photo taken by David B. Cox.  See his photos here: 





Amazing sign made by Victory Designs by Vee

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