This Guy…. AdventureDAD is a Man of His Word

Thatch’s team fell a little bit short of the Championship today, but this video makes me smile (for a few different reasons). This is Don. Don is also known as “AdventureDAD”…..father to Jamie McDonald… Adventureman.  Many members of this team ran the very last little bit of Jamie’s truly unbelievable 210-marathon/5,500 mile solo run from Washington State to Gloucester alongside him and were there at the finish line in their CAYH shirts this past Wednesday. When Don heard that they had a championship game three days later, he told them that he was going to be there to cheer them on….because they were there to cheer on his son.

Wouldn’t you know that this morning he reached out to coordinate how to make it happen…even though he was due to fly back to England shortly after the game.

This is a dad who supported his son through some scary younger years when Jamie was afflicted with a rare disease that stole him of his mobility. This is a dad who supported his son when, thank goodness, he fought and prevailed and decided to then dedicate himself to raising money for sick children. This is a dad who has since supported his son during some absolutely monumental adventures….. including the upcoming 7 day straight, world record breaking, treadmill run. And this is a dad who is a man of his word who also wanted to cheer on and support this team…our sons and daughter.

I’m so glad the team had a chance to hear from him (and his bloody brilliant accent)….even if they don’t fully get why it is so cool that he took the time.

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