Adventureman Arrival Time Updated

In order to allow Adventureman ‘s family and friends in the UK easier access to his Super US Run finale, his planned finish time has been adjusted to 4 PM at the Fisherman’s Memorial on the boulevard. If you plan to run with Adventureman from Stage Fort Park, you should plan to be in place by 3:30 PM. He would especially appreciate any children who want to join him there or along the boulevard.

After I have consulted with Adventureman regarding times to be at Hammond Castle or in Manchester to accompany him on those segments, I will share his best advice ASAP.

All are invited to encourage him along the route–starting near Robert Sweeney Park in Manchester By the Sea; following 127 to Hesperus to Hammond Castle to Stage Fort Park to boulevard and Fisherman’s Memorial Statue.  We are hoping for a big gathering on the boulevard.

We also encourage you to consider a donation to assist sick children in getting needed treatments by clicking here.  That’s what this huge run has been all about for Jamie Adventureman McDonald!


7 thoughts on “Adventureman Arrival Time Updated

  1. Any idea what his route through Beverly will be? When I look on his map it stops in Boston. I’ve put the word out about him on the Beverly page and am hoping he gets a decent turn out here to cheer him to his finish! I’ve been following him for a while now. A more appropriate name would be Amazingman more than Adventureman! 😉


    1. His planned route is to follow 127 through Beverly but I am not sure what day/time. I suggest checking his Facebook posts for more details.


      1. Thanks. I knew he’s taking 127 I just can’t figure out which route he’s taking to get to it. Either water front or downtown. Water route is prettier and shorter but downtown is flatter. The map on his site doesn’t show it so I was hoping someone here might know. I tried his Twitter, no luck there either. Either way it’s nice he’s coming. Just curious if he’ll pass my house.


        1. 1A to Broadway to 22 to Abbott St to Monument Sq to Hale to 62 to Lothrop to Bisson to 127. Perhaps this is helpful. It’s tentative and I do not know what day it will be but probably Monday


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