Standing perfectly still while filming during yesterday’s gloriously warm afternoon, a beautiful female Downy Woodpecker flew to a tree not five feet from where I was working. She was very much obscured by foliage as she tapped her way up and down the trunk, turning the tree into a pantry for her winter supply of nuts and seeds. For a quicksilver moment I caught a clear look and snapped a shot through the leaves.

Downy Woodpeckers are common on Cape Ann throughout all four seasons.

12 thoughts on “TAPPITY, TAP, TAP, TAP

  1. Well done music of the woods and fields!

    They are coming out in force this way too seems the change of weather and all weather bird quoted here some research eat quite a bit of other items too I always thought just the bugs in bark but wrong about that, this post invoked some curiously.

    Sourced: internet http://www.birds.cornell.edu/wp_about/biology.html

    “The diet of woodpeckers consists mainly of insects, berries, nuts, and seeds collected from trees and shrubs. Northern Flickers can be found feeding on ground insects such as ants. Sapsuckers drill very small holes in trees to feed on sap.Carpenter ant colonies were located by woodpeckers during the “summer and fall,” and birds returned Diet changes seasonally, with hatching ants predominating from June.

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