Rubber Duck Baseball Playoff Cheat Sheet

In case you just woke up from a coma, a handy graphic to keep track of the world’s most amazing sport, baseball.

NL Los Angels Dodgers: Tommy Lasorda, Dodger Blue, no one likes you, please lose in an embarrassing way to the Brewers. Dave Roberts does manage them and his stealing of second base in 2004 is a very sweet memory. Don’t tarnish that with this sickening baby blue team.

NL Milwaukee Brewers: They have never ever won an NL pennant and so have never even played in the World Series. Yelich is amazing and adorable in closeup shots. Front row Amy, same description but might be more serious. She inks in every pitch of every game. Never even takes a bathroom break. More reliable than Price.

AL Houston Astros: Won it all last year on the back of Altuve. Completely annoying. Please lose to the Red Sox in dramatic fashion.

AL Boston Red Sox: Three World Series Championships in this century. No one else comes close. Are four too many? No way.

If it so happens that Brewers and Red Sox are in the World Series the nation and the world will be rooting for the underdog.
I’m hoping the Sox give Yelich and Amy a big case of the sads by Halloween.

ps. The only thing that would have made it all perfect is Frank from Gloucester calling into the radio station today to chat about how Sabathia got screwed by the ump (He was terrible.) I can hear his voice in my head right now. R.I.P. Frank. We miss you.

2 thoughts on “Rubber Duck Baseball Playoff Cheat Sheet

  1. Duckie,

    The end game looks so fine there Rubber Duck Convoy??. Tommy L. got called up from the Albuquerque Dukes the years I watched them as teen…Yep field then…early 1970’s Sandia’s in Background Steve Garvey likes hitting them that way along with others…And he brought many with him to LA too!

    The Dukes continued to play in the Texas League until the end of the 1971 season. When the 1972 season began, the Dodgers had moved their Spokane franchise to Albuquerque and the team started playing in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League. With future Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda at the helm, the team amassed a 92-56 record and won the PCL Championship, the first of eight PCL Championships the team would win over the next 28 years.

    Dave 🙂


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