The little seal pup was seen today washed ashore at Niles Beach. He couldn’t have been more than three feet in length. From Maine to Massachusetts, more than six hundred dead or dying Gray and Harbor Seals have been reported this summer.

Two Humpback Whales washed ashore on Massachusetts beaches in a single day, one on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor and one on Revere Beach. The Revere Beach Humpback is the same whale that was spotted off Gloucester several weeks ago. Last week, two dead Minke Whales were found floating in the waters off Gloucester and Sea Bright, New Jersey. Another Minke Whale washed ashore in Rye, New Hampshire earlier this past week.

Seal Pup at Niles Beach

Read more about why the seals are dying here.

Two dead humpback whales wash up in Revere and near Boston Light

2016-2018 Humpback Whale Unusual Mortality Event along the Atlantic Coast


  1. Thank You Kim for your tireless effort for ALL the furry and feathery friends you act as Lorax for… Historically, Seal populations have exponentially exploded in past 40 years. There’s a reason why Great White’s are an issue down the cape!


  2. There are a lot of seal deaths this year due to a measles-related distemper virus that also has flu-like symptoms. Apparently this disease has reached epidemic level for seals in the gulf of Maine, and is affecting a full spectrum of ages. While the virus seems to be isolated in the seal community, people who are studying the outbreak are advising that If you see a sick or dead seal, keep clear, and make sure to keep dogs away.

    Also, sad as it may seem, an animal that succumbs to the environmental pressures of its existence is just natural selection at work.


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