Mother of Grace Club Fiesta

We stumbled upon the Mother of Grace Club’s annual celebration last weekend and found it delightful. I understand their motto is Pray for Peace and that the members direct their prayers to keep our military safe from harm. As I do not speak Italian, I could not understand most of what was being said during this part of the celebration, but I can attest to the sincerity and beauty of the celebration.

Awaiting the return of the procession:


Escorting Blessed Mother of Grace on her birthday:


Young and old alike participated:


Re-placing the statue with great care and reverence:




Singing the special song:


Joyous celebration enjoyed by all.


2 thoughts on “Mother of Grace Club Fiesta

  1. Great job Pat D and yes this is quite a happening I learned some Italian from my Uncle Leo and other friends from that way. The when we moved west the Spanish and Mexican I picked up pretty well and there are a lot of words in Italian that have the same meaning. I picked it up just listening to it not formal schooling… 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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