Alicia Unleashed- Summer Fun

  1. Episode 83: Recorded on location and poolside! Alicia and B-side are joined with the 1 and only Anna B.

You might follow her on Twitter, Insta, or you might be part of little known Facebook Page (you must listen to find out what).

Hot Plate: Lights Downtown, John Jerome at Studio this weekend, Espy Awards, Aly Raisman’s speech.

This episode is an OLD SCHOOL ALICIA UNLEASHED. We talk about so many things and so many circles. Dogs bark, neighbors talking, rando’s with loud mufflers.

We sit down and talk with Anna on how she got involved with this Facebook Page (great for lurking). We touch on a few specific posts that made the page more known. We ask where the line is drawn (spoiler alert…it’s like drawing one on the breakers at GHB), what is the page really meant to be about.

Anna is also a SOLO TRAVELER! She talks about how that started for her by meeting strangers through the BSB pen pal circuit (pre-social media). Anna discusses how she goes about seeing the most of these countries and cities and where she is off to next.

We also get in to Bossman Joey’s favorite! DATING! Anna talks about the troubles and tribulations she has had with dating, dating apps and just regular snapchat! We also give Tyler some straight up life lessons! START ‘EM YOUNG! Tyler also drops one of those Millennial Lines on us.

**Also, if you are a secret listener, that is perfectly fine you can hide in the shadows! We just want a rating on iTunes or Facebook (even a like)

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6 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed- Summer Fun

  1. One of your most outrageously funny podcasts! Caused me to bust open the “closet” door … Who wants a picture of my “micro“? You guys are so bad, you’re all going to burn! ( with the rest of us) 😇😈😈


  2. Out in the wild, in the shade under the tree – another wild podcast ladies! I am listening but do not know the substitute gym coach you talk of (Nic-named Joe Orange) at least in name but may if I saw picture and that’s the spirit to keep happy…

    Only schools I went to were Lanes School (Lanesville) the old wooden school house actually watched it get the ball from crane. Beeman before moving west in 1968.

    My middle and high school class were out west. I think we all test the waters some in those years. Were we rascals at times yes but not like the things you talked about some people these days. I like the part about looking back to youth as you get to see the evolution or was that revolution?

    But then talk with mom or dad and find out they also were a little testy in their youth too …Life be in it and enjoy each day. I remember the change jar too that was quite a balance but got warning in the beginning of cast. Have a great summer

    Well dedicate this to these two to unleashed podcast: Have a great summer

    The Allman Brothers Band HQ Whipping Post

    Allman Brothers Band – One Way Out – Closing Night At The Fillmore (6/27/71)


      1. Not crazies just folks having fun, learn something new each time here and that’s what it’s all about other perspectives…Beat’s the media news too in many cases. Homegrown and hometown advantage genuine from within! 🙂 Dave


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