Hypnotherapy in Gloucester

A while back, I attended a session on hypnotherapy given by Tina M. Grasso at the Sawyer Public Library, and lucky for me, I won a free session.  I do not think I am alone in the fact that sometimes racing thoughts and worries keep me from getting decent sleep so I asked Tina to concentrate on that as a focus for my recent session.  I was hoping to gain some tips and tools to use to re-route the midnight fretting that sometimes keeps me awake.

It’s not the hypnosis you might think of from the sitcoms. There is no quacking like a duck when you hear a certain phrase.  There is no watch dangling on a chain for your eyes to follow. No loss of control and no lack of memory of the hypnosis. If you have ever been mesmerized by waves or clouds or the sound or rain, it’s a bit like that.


There is the steady tone of a voice, closed eyes and a restful posture. My experience was that I was very aware of being in an office seated comfortably in a chair.  I heard everything Tina said.  I left feeling deeply relaxed and this state lasted almost 18 full hours. It was kind of like you might feel after a deep tissue massage. That the relaxed feeling seemed so deep and lasted so long is what surprised me the most.  I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

Perhaps this kind of therapy is not for everyone. Many believe they are “too pragmatic” to benefit; or they are just “weirded out” by the idea. I can only speak for myself: I left feeling like I now have some tools to use to assist with relaxation and sleep.

There are a few different hypnotherapy options here in Gloucester. My experience was with Tina M. Grasso at Bright Mind Services I am very appreciative to her for her professional and compassionate approach. It might be something for you to consider next time you’re lying awake at 3 AM.

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