The Magnolia Pier is still standing but can not be used, very dangerous.  When I was kayaking decided not to go under the pier.

4 thoughts on “Kayaking

  1. Donna,
    Very heartbreaking the damage left in the three day storm Beginning of March 2018. Very close up here and a good move to stay out from under in her current condition. I’ll send you something on this…
    😦 Dave & Kim 😦


      1. Welcome Donna, an like you said stayed from going under very prudent it’s not what you see that’s dangerous but what is not visible…Historic and history it will be back. Lot’s of persistence like the south wall of lanes Cove Break-wall. ECD December 2018 and Fema-State funding no easy task!

        Read that in the bid and council notes protect the cove and fishing shack from storm surges bad weather! Also, one man in that council meeting was a childhood friend (Kenny) of mine and brothers every year his family come and spend summer in the cottages facing Ipswich bay.

        His older Brother (David) driving a Green Volkswagen Bug and Barnacle Bill Bazar we dressed up like WW-II Combat show TV members walk from plum cove to Lutheran church Washington street up past old lanes school. Oh we were rascals fun for entire village and visitors from around the cape! 🙂 . He had sister too (Jane)…and what a family mom and dad!! I also seem to recall had an uncle that through a large bash during 4th of July shot off a replica cannon with stuffed with paper great view of bay too from sunset point Uncles location. 🙂 Dave


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