Exploring Planets on 133

Anyone know what’s up with these signs posted along 133 between Gloucester and Essex? They appear in order of the planets beyond Earth and have a little replica attached. I’d love to hear more.

Now sing along and have some fun

My name is Jupiter I am covered in clouds

I’m the fifth planet from the sun

My giant red spot is a raging storm

As for size I’m the biggest one


My name is Saturn I am brown in color

I’m the sixth planet from the sun

My outer rings are extremely thin

They’re made of dust and icy chunks

My names Uranus I am blue in color

I’m the seventh planet from the sun

Humans have named me the icy planet

Because I am the coldest one

My name is Neptune I am blue in color

I’m the eighth planet from the sun

I have too many storms in my atmosphere

And I’m the furthest planet from the sun

Lyrics from The Planet Song by Kids Learning Tube

3 thoughts on “Exploring Planets on 133

  1. Can tell the linemen have been up and down these poles the numbers are still like the old days thanks! 🙂 Dave
    Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell


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