To Inn Owners or Prospective Inn/Hotel/Motel Investors: Joey’s Business Idea Proposal Number 20769- The Queen Anne Furniture Has Got To Go.

You know how you go to an Inn and they have all that lacy doily shit and Queen Anne Furniture?  No one wants to stay in those must old joints any more.  People today want swanky more modern fresh digs when they vacation.

See this?


If that’s the furniture you’re rocking in your Inn, it’s gotta go.  No one under the age of 76 wants to stay at a place that has the old Queen Anne furniture.

If you’re at a spot in your life where you don’t have the vision or funds to make renovations, I understand.   This is where enterprising young business-minded folk have opportunities.

So any place that has the old lacy doily Queen Anne vibe going on is inevitably getting far less in room rates than a place that could be decked out with a fresh coat of paint and updated furniture.

See this?


Just no.

I literally get skeeved out just looking at this place and I guarantee the upcoming generations aren’t even considering staying at a place like this.

Get all that furniture and have a dumpster fire.

You could redecorate your Inn at HomeGoods and Marshalls.  Those Fabric Covered headboards are short money, some neutral colors, some simple furniture and update the photos on your website once you’re done renovating and you go from getting $100/night to $150-$179/night easy.  It can’t be that hard to process, right?



Nothing crazy.  Not some crazy expense.  Just not Queen Anne furniture with drapes that look like someone vomited on them.

Am I nuts here?


  • Hilarious critique! Where on earth did that first photo come from. Please say it is not an actual local guest house…is it???


  • Agreed! Beautiful woodwork and I appreciate the style. But modern and change of scenery is better for me


  • What a useless critique that shows how little Joey knows about furniture and design because RICH PEOPLE LOVE THAT KIND OF FURITURE and it usually can be found in lovely Inns located in RI, NH, and Maine where the cliental is much younger than Joey. This article was a stupid waste of space! Go camping in a Tent Joey that is where you belong.


  • I tend to agree with you about preferring modern furniture but if you are
    the Queen of England or Donald Trump, you prefer the’ Gilded Age’ look.
    The Mega Wealthy prefer Antiques. Some of the old stuff was actually built better.
    That is why there is vanilla & chocolate & strawberry and mocha chip.
    ‘Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations’…a Vulcan saying.


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