Kayaking around Kettle Island

On Sunday late afternoon, the kayak was calling me so I had to answer.  Safety always comes first when Kayaking and always wear your life jacket.


6 thoughts on “Kayaking around Kettle Island

      1. When you grow up that way on the water good swimming is the second part of safety either ocean or pit’s/quarries, now some are restricted due to water supply. Thanks Donna…

        “Nothing wrong with a good dream either!” 🙂 Dave

        Great song here!!! 🙂

        Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream

        “1968 From The Comeback Special 1968 and 2002 The 25th Anniversary.,

        Musicans I dont know really on this amazing song.

        What this man has….is it really possible? Yes we have heard it before for long long time ago, but still….

        Vocal: Elvis PresleyChoir: J.D Sumner
        Choir: Donnie Sumner
        Choir: Kathy Westmoreland
        Choir: Estell Brown
        Choir: Ed Ednoch
        Choir: Myrna Smith
        Bill Baize”


  1. 🙂 Always fun on the water indeed and can so many things slower pace and go under and around areas other vessels cannot! 🙂


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