Lupines at Sugar Hill, NH

I’m pretty sure when my husband married me he didn’t think I’d be dragging him up to NH at 1 AM  to stand in a very dark field of lupines, waiting two hours for the Milky Way to come into the frame, all the while looking for the cellphone I dropped somewhere in the field because i thought there was an animal coming lol!   Also, I’m pretty sure he didn’t think we’d be sleeping in the car for an hour while we wait for the sun to rise up over the White Mountains so I could get a few more shots of the silly flowers!   He’s a keeper!!   Off for a nap!

St. Matthews ~ Sugar Hill, NH

Lupine Sunrise ~ Sugar Hill, NH

7 thoughts on “Lupines at Sugar Hill, NH

  1. Such is the life of artists! Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world.” I believe that, but we need more of it to permeate everywhere, so thank you for sharing your art and the beauty you capture always, which I have been meaning to tell you for some time.


      1. What a great follow-up coming full circle here…(Betty Davis Eyes comes to mind Kim Carnes)…One very special crystal ball here too! I remember staying a night in winter at house of friends of step-father (Pops) Beautiful place and oh so cold snow was crusted and could walk on it without falling through, in some places but the scenery was oh so fine some kind of dairy farm or just a very large place long ago mid 60’s! Of course I was lighter then too :-O 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

        Lot’s of movies stars and summer retreats abound in the cape also many moons ago and to current day: 🙂


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