Oh Buoy! It’s a Weber Grill!

Our friend Joey probably already knows this, but did you know that Weber grills derived from a buoy cut in half? On my drive from New York to Gloucester recently I was catching up on my podcast list.  One of my favorites, Highlights from Moncrieff, features a segment called “Stuff That Changed The World”.  I was delighted to hear about how the barbecue changed the world.  The episode included the turning point that occurred in the 1950s in Chicago (now considered home of the Weber grill) when George Stephen Sr tinkered around and cut a buoy in half to create the first charcoal grill as we know it today. There is a very interesting article here if you are as obsessed as a certain friend of ours with Weber grills and their history.

From the Smithsonian Magazine website, a picture of the first marketed Barbecue Kettle. I think you can see how it developed from the halved buoy.

Original Weber Grill

I find is fascinating that this device that “changed the world” originated with a classic iconic image of this area: the buoy.  And here’s one in use today—maybe you can guess where I found it.  I think you can see this grill has stayed true to its roots; my kind of grill.



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