After hours of research I found the perfect non-cotton summer sock for us ‘tween sizers

Men’s Bamboo Fiber Colored Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – 4 Pair Value Pack

5.0 out of 5 stars


If you listened to the podcast you heard about my frustration with the way socks are sold and marketed.

Listen here-

Business Idea- Sock Sizes For The In Between Guy (Shoe Size 11-13)  Drives me nuts.

Shoe Size 6 – 12½
Sock Size 10-13

Shoe size 12 – 16
Sock Size 13 – 15

As you can see from the chart above,  shoe sizes 6-12.5 get one size sock and shoe size 12-16 get a different size sock.  So if you wear anywhere from an 11 to a 13 you’re really in no-man’s land.  Order the smaller size and your foot is squished into a sock that’s comfortable for a size 9 or so.  Order the larger sock meant for shoe size 12-16 and they’re falling down and too loose because they’re designed to fit up to a 16 shoe size.

It’s very frustrating.  On top of that options are further limited for non-cotton socks.  Cotton is the absolute worst material to use for socks as it doesn’t wick away any moisture and has zero antimicrobial properties.

After about an hour of research on Amazon I found the perfect non-cotton summer socks for us sock size ‘tweeners.

I ordered them and they were delivered within two days with Amazon Prime.  Size- perfectly comfortable for my size 12 feet.  Wore them the next day under my work boots and they held up perfectly, no sagging.  I ordered another four pack right when I got home.  It’s rare when you find something that works just perfectly for me but when I do I like to lock it down.  Much like the best knife values in the world, the Victorinox which I replaced our Henkles steak knives with because they are so far superior.  When something works perfectly and is a great value you just can’t believe how much better they make your life and you load the boat.

Here’s a link to purchase and read reviews-

Men’s Bamboo Fiber Colored Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – 4 Pair Value Pack

5.0 out of 5 stars

  • Men’s XL Size: 10-14, 4 Pairs of Socks
  • Content: 85% Rayon from bamboo, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastic
  • Rayon- Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable, Anti-microbial / Natural Deodorizer
  • Rayon from Bamboo is superior at wicking away moisture helping regulate body temperature. This makes them great athletic socks


  • That’s awesome! Now….if only you could find a grill that you really like. 😉 All kidding aside, socks are no joke. I spent over an hour staring at socks in REI yesterday trying to find the best pair for Thatch for a huge hiking trip he is taking. Totally overwhelming….because there’s nothing worse than a bad pair. Debilitating even. Glad you found some!

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  • I chuckled over your comments (frustration) with sock buying; I feel your pain. However, between the written blue line “Men’s bamboo…” and the photo of the socks below it, a box appeared which said I’d purchased these socks on June 4th of this year, but I did NOT, and to click on it to review my order. It then goes straight to Amazon site. Did anyone else get that prompt? It makes me a tad nervous, Joey.


  • Well, that explains it, then. I’ll have to become more computer literate!


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