The Wonderful Janice Lufkin Shea Has Passed

One of the most passionate people about Gloucester I knew.


Janice Lufkin Shea Braces For Weekend Storm With Raingear Available At The Cormorant Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable SouWesters and Rain Gear

Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable Sou’Westers and Rain Gear


Here’s Janice, member of our Block Party Committee, owner of the Cormorant Shop and good egg.   She brought by a pile of GHS yearbooks.  I’m looking for some yearbooks from the seventies and eighties if anyone has them, swing by the dock so I can take some pictures.
Janice Lufkin Shea GHS Class of 63, originally uploaded by captjoe06.



Did you know that you can pay for a monthly parking permit and never have to worry about feeding the meters?

I didn’t til my buddy Janice Lufkin Shea told me about them.

In fact I couldn’t find anything about them on the City Of Gloucester website.

City Of Gloucester Parking Permit, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Part of The Block Party Clean Up Crew

Part of The Block Party Clean Up Crew- Nick Parisi, Janice Lufkin Shea, Dave (Erika’s Husband) Linn Parisi, and Frank Ciolino- Not pictured- Ed Collard, Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen, Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore.

Letter to the editor from Pauline Bresnahan


Published Gloucester Daily Times 2017
Opening a business is scary. Being a woman and opening a business can be frightening.  This is exactly how I felt 18 years ago when I opened my small retail shop in West Gloucester.  Luckily my  friend who owned a business, also a woman,  became my mentor, my support system and  my sounding board when I needed to seek advice or an opinion. She helped me figure it out, either by listening or sometimes by asking a question that helped lead me to figuring it out myself.

Janice Lufkin-Shea owned the Cormorant Shop, a small specialty clothing store first in Rockport and then moving it to Main St. in her much loved hometown of Gloucester. Janice ran her business for more than 20 years successfully.

Her passion for her community and her never ending source of inspiring ideas helped create many of the treasured events or programs that make our city unique.

Have you purchased a Cape Ann Gift Certificate?? As the Chair of the Cape Ann Chamber Retail division Janice’s Cape Ann Gift Certificate idea came to be.

Have you  enjoyed and or attended the Lobster Trap Tree lightning on Main St.??  Janice had a dream of a lobster trap tree and with a lot of help from her friends she saw her vision become a reality. Thanks to Janice our entire community now has this Main St. treasure to enjoy with their entire family bringing life again to Main St.Have you ever enjoyed an evening on Main St. at one of the Block Partys??

Janice talked and talked  to everyone about her desire to have a block party on Main St.  Because her friends loved her passion they got together and heard about her vision and organized the first Downtown Block Partys.

She inspired us with her creative ideas, she encouraged us with her praise and she only asked that we do it with love for our community in our heart.

Janice, you are a wonderful business woman, an amazing mentor but most of all a dear, dear friend. I hope that I can be that type of friend and mentor for a young woman starting out like you were to me. Our shared love for our beautiful city is what we have in common and my hope is someday I too can create a lasting tribute that shows my love for my community as you have.

Thank you for all you have done, Gloucester is so much better because you cared.

Pauline Bresnahan

Owner Pauline’s Gifts                                                                                                                                                                   Chairwoman City of Gloucester Tourism Commission


  • So sad to read this – she was a ray of sunshine (and she would laugh and remember why I say that).


  • I will miss her very much, another wonderful woman gone..


  • Wendy A Lindsay

    I am sad to learn that Janice is no longer with us. I would have liked to talk with her one more time. Over the last four years, and up to just a couple weeks ago, Janice emailed me and other friends anonymously (so I don’t know how many), at least weekly and frequently daily, what she called “Random Thoughts.” They were nuggets of wisdom and insight, bits of humor, words of encouragement, which I grew to count on, and missed when there was a gap for whatever reason. Hundreds of these messages have collected in my inbox, timeless in their meaning and significance and a tribute to Janice’s kindness and generosity. – Wendy


  • Mary Jane LaBelle

    Lufa has been a friend since 1960. She was a GHS classmate and a coordinator of our summer reunions. The world will miss her loving and caring. Keep the wind at your back, Lufa, and wait for us.


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