• Donna,

    Great reminder I have to sync things up this way for calls to friends and family and more time to wander the areas…I was looking at Google street view Washington street through Lanesville and what memories. Where these taken at house or down on Stacy Blvd were they planted a great community garden beautiful either way!! I wanted to share these with you all!

    Next time you go through Lanesville look across Washington Street package store (David Morey owner) and can see house where his family lived and grew up. Downstairs was an antique store and was also a soda fountain ice cream place also. Mom told me the post office was one also way back before became Lanesville post office. Had some great views from upstairs windows and downstairs back yard and Washington Street. All the Christmas tree’s and lights before Christmas next to George Morey’s house space between there and the Pitheon hall then.

    I got to top of the roof one time by climbing up on the porch (Open then, now closed in). It was very hard challenging climb up as roof was like an upside down (V) slippery too, good thing mom was not at home on this beautiful fall day, I can here her yell if she was and I would hear it for sure. Had a seagull named “Pete” throw him bread or swoop down and take it from your hand.

    Used to like the top for a view perch also could see lanes cove from up there Ipswich Bay break wall.
    Think this angle was to keep the snow from building up to much on the roof during heave storms. They really did a great job of fixing this place up too loads of work has been done!

    (It has quite a history as house think it was for sale too or there was a sign outside the stairway up. The house next door was also fixed up too) Nobody lived in it when we were at this address….

    Address if I remember correctly was 1091 Washington St. Of course this was in the 1957-1968 going back a bit but fun and so many memories flashback. 🙂

    Dave 🙂 & Kim 🙂


  • More time to explore and have fun! 🙂 Dave


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