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The Alison Carol pulling in with a load of Christmas Lobsters

The Alison Carol and Pete Mondello and crew arrived today at Captain Joe & Sons just like every day. But the fresh lobsters offloaded were special Christmas Eve lobsters. Spreading joy from here to Boston restaurants but the last five girl lobsters went in my bag for the annual Christmas Eve feast. Sue has put up with me for over 30 years which means Christmas Eve is our 30th wedding Anniversary.

We call it lobster casserole but really I want to invent a new name for it. Because it is really five baked stuffed lobsters without the hassle of the shells. You get the crispy Ritz Cracker thing going on top but buttery goodness below without having to fight through the shells. I now call it Boneless Baked Stuffed Lobster. The shells are saved to make a stock for some soup on Christmas day before the big beef. I’m getting fat just typing this.

Dockside conversations with my hearing aids tuned to the machinery so I say “what” a lot.
Joey: What are the blue and yellow ducks?
Me: Ducks?
Joey: Ducks
Me: What ducks?
Joey: Dots!
Me:(figuring out it is analemma dots) The yellow dot is Christmas and the blue dot is when you jump in Gloucester Harbor!
Joey: Who the fuck figured that out?
Me: The Greeks.
Joey: Did they have a clock?
Me: No. Eratosthenes used a deep well at noon to mark the time.
Joey: Cool.

You can also google in youtube, “Say “what” one more time I dare you” 🙂

Donation box for The Open Door at CAFM’S Holiday Fare tomorrow from 10-1



Hoping you can help spread the word-

We will have a donation box for The Open Door at CAFM’S  Holiday Fare tomorrow from 10-1

Our goal is to collect 100 Lbs of food

For every ten items you bring in CAFM will donate fresh produce.

items most needed are-


100% Juice

Hearty soups

Peanut butter

Pasta sauce

Breakfast Cereal

Baking Items

Nicole Bogin, Director
Cape Ann Farmers Market

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