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Joel and Skip Munroe arrived yesterday morning at Lyn’s home and the three spent the day continuing to modify the chicken coop-turned swan house-turned fantastic sanctuary (Joel is one of Mr. Swan’s caregivers and a carpenter). Lyn has generously added her dog’s run to extend the swan’s home, providing room enough for the Young Swan to stretch her wings and walk around within the enclosure.

Increasing the size of the enclosure. 

Today, the very awesome landscaper Patrick Low, owner of JPL Landscape Solutions spent the morning modifying and attaching the (former) dog run to the chicken coop and securing the entire structure from predators such as coyotes and racoons. Pat, Joel, and Skip have very generously donated their time and services to creating the winter swan sanctuary.

Pat Low, creatively solving potential predator issues.

A friend of Lyn’s is donating three bales of hay. To supplement the pellets and corn Lyn has been feeding the swan, yesterday she purchased collard greens (which the Young Swan loved), spinach, and kale (yet to try).

We still do not know whether the Young Swan is male or female. Jodi Swenson kindly paid for the swan’s checkup at Dr. Cahill’s (with funds provided from her recent fundraiser) and Lyn has volunteered to pay for the DNA test. We should have the results back from the DNA test in several weeks. The Young Swan has a temporary name, TOS, an acronym for The Other Swan, but perhaps when we determine whether male or female we can give her a gender specific name, and possibly tie in a naming contest with a mini-fundraiser, to help defray the unexpected cost of taking care of her for the winter.

Success! Photo courtesy Lyn Fonzo

Bluebird Nesting Box at O’Maley

Was honored to have teacher Mr. David Brown call me and ask if I could come and take some photos of the 6th graders making these very awesome Bluebird Nesting box.  I really enjoyed this, the 6th graders did a great job making these special Birdhouses.  The kids, measured, clamped, sawed the pieces, made the opening for the bird and even had a side door that opened to be able to feed the birds.  Thank you O’Maley for putting these projects into place for the kids.  Just one more thing, lots of smiles on these 6th graders.  Now I want one.

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I’m so amazed and excited for our new and unique food destination, the COVE CAFE!

Located in the heart of Lanesville, the secret side of Gloucester, the Cove Cafe hits the ground running with amazing food, hospitality, and style. If you live on this side of town, you know the places to grab great sandwiches on the run,  food for a party or event, or an amazing cup of coffee and breakfast, are scarce at best. For the most part, we have Capt. Hooks for pizza, subs, and fried seafood, then Willow Rest for amazing specialty items, sandwiches, and to-go items. But now we can spread the love to Cove Cafe! From Christmas cookie trays to daily specials, soups, stews, and sandwiches, they are sure to have something for everyone!

I’ve had several very good Cubano sandwich, amazing coffee, sweet delights, and a smile with amazing service every time I’ve been in. Stop by and see Alisha and her family, you will not be disappointed!!

OH! And if you call by Thursday, Dec. 21st. you can get your holiday cookie platers, party trays, or homemade pies for the holiday!!

Christmas Tree Pick-Up Service

Boy Scout Troop 20
Christmas Tree Service

Why get pine needles all over your car?
Do not let dry brittle branches scratch the paint!
We will take your old Christmas Tree and recycle it for use in local gardens.

  • Tree pick up on Saturday December 30, January 6, and January 13
    Between 8 AM and 2 PM.
  • Trees must be free of ornaments, lights, and tree stands.
  • Trees should be put outside prior to our arrival.
  • A $5 donation will go to support local Boy Scout Troop 20.
  • Money will be used to go on Scouting trips, outings, and/or equipment.

If you would like us to pick up your tree please call New Phone # 978-309-9501 with your name, address, telephone number and which day is best to pick up your tree.

Or, E-mail with the same information to New E-mail Address

Rockport and Gloucester only please.

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