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Warren Waugh, Mayor Sefatia, Karen Hanson

Mayor Sefatia and her team, Chef Anthony Caturano and the Tonno staff, and Warren Waugh with Cidalia Schwartz and the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group team brought the community together for a fabulous lunch of the Mayor’s “sugo” versus the Chef’s “gravy.” The luncheon included steaming bowls of polenta and sausage with  gravy versus homemade pasta and meatballs dressed with  sugo. Both were wonderfully delicious! Tori Amos and Brian King provided lovely background music and Scottie Mac was the DJ.

Sadly, the day’s event took place without Anthony’s presence. His sister Christina Caturano Ryan passed away from breast cancer several days ago. She was only forty one and left two young children. Anthony was attending Christina’s funeral today. Despite her tragic death, Anthony insisted that the fundraiser take place. His team did a phenomenal job. The staff donated their time and all funds raised goes to the care of cancer patients. We wish to offer our most heartfelt condolences to Anthony.

Hernan, Aaron, and Neal
Tremendous shout out to the Tonno staff for donating their time today. They are: Chef Neal Maver, AAron Budak, Hernan Castro, Toni Armstrong, Frank DiMercurio, and Bryan Testaverde.

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Meet the Crossfit Cape Ann Coaches!

Cape Ann Wellness


Our coaches run every class as a teacher, a resource for questions, a motivator, a support system, and a safety supervisor. Our coaches are responsible for ensuring that your form is correct and that the exercise volume and load is adjusted to your current fitness level. Sometimes they may give you a nudge if needed to push it little more and other times they may encourage you to slow down. Beyond that, our coaches make themselves available to meet with our current members to discuss realistic goals, nutrition and to help them establish positive lifestyle practices. Our coaching staff is truly the best around!

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