As of Friday afternoon, and in preparation of building the Lobster Trap Tree, the base of the tree was aligned in a circle. Many more traps were stacked neatly in piles around the perimeter.

David Brooks and the Art Haven crew began building the tree Saturday morning. Around and around and around the crew worked stacking traps all day, carefully securing each and every pot with ties. As the tree grew taller and taller, the man on the ground passed the lobster trap to the next person in the chain, hand to hand, to the top of the tree. By early evening Saturday the last lobster trap was in place and the tree construction complete.

The Lobster Trap Tree lighting ceremony takes place December 9th on Saturday afternoon at around 4:30.


Unlike in previous years where our local lobsterman have generously donated their working traps, this year’s brand spanking new traps were donated by Three Lanterns Marine & Fishing. The lobster traps are deep green, with lighter bright green nets, and red plastic escape vents. As Joey Ciaramitaro and lobster boat Captain Mark Ring explained, modern lobster pots are designed with in-trap escape vents, which allow for freedom of movement in and out of the trap by lobsters that are too small to catch legally. The larger in-trap escape vented lobster traps are one of the many ways Massachusetts lobstermen work together to insure a sustainable lobster fisheries for future generations.


  1. What a beautiful start on the way up. The green netting for the tree great job looking forward to following this cannot think of a better way to end out this long 2107! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    P.S. Wish this was around in my days but we had many other special ones ourselves 🙂 Dave


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