• Yes there is and what a blast! Thanks Donna


    Told me she took a maiden voyage to Gloucester harbor of a ship that was launched out of Essex hulls were white oak and man times the decks were pine from what mom said Adventure? I will have to ask her the name of vessel next phone call if she can remember, may have been something to do with GHS also as it was during the1940’s era… 🙂 Dave


  • Donna,

    Called mom this morning our 16 Nov 17 day a ahead. It was a fishing trawler christened and released down the gangplank Essex 1948-1949 Named “Felicia” she new a man who was going to be the cook so invited for the journey from Essex to Gloucester Harbor she was in high school or out of school at this time long ago so some dates may be off a bit (recall). I will check it later internet when I have some free time,

    Thanks for asking Dave:-)


  • Fred Bodin posted on this I tried to put link in comments but kicking it back!…

    DECEMBER 1, 1947
    1947 Film Shipbuilders of Essex This 1947 film documents the work of traditional wooden shipbuilding in Essex, Massachusetts, by following the creation of the 65 foot fishing trawler “St. Rosalie” from plans on paper to the launching ceremony. The hand-made methods depicted are similar to 19th century techniques used when Essex was a leading supplier of wooden sailing vessels for Atlantic fishing communitiesㄴ

    https://www.c-span.org/video/?323141-1/reel-america-shipbuilders-essex 21.39 minutes video


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