CB at Halibut Point

My sister and her husband have been visiting from New York State and we have been having a grand time showing them some of our favorite Gloucester spots.  Despite the iffy weather, we rode out to Halibut Point State Park and Reservation.  We wanted to show off some of the nifty stuff we learned on our recent quarry tour.

It was like we were in a different climate zone when we got there.  The sky was a bit gray, but the winds were warm and welcoming.  There were a fair number of visitors already there.  I guess great minds really do think alike.  It was a great day to bring CB out to share the beauty with us.


Here’s a view from across the quarry of the World War II fire tower.  OK, you have to squint to find it, but it’s there!


Shout out to Cape Pond Ice from Halibut Point!


And here’s a backstage tour of how we make the CB magic happen:

Magic on Halibut Point

It may appear that I have fallen and cannot get up but, in reality, we were working to place CB just so.  The magic doesn’t just happen, you know.

One thought on “CB at Halibut Point

  1. Find our adventure point walked up here from lanes cove and quite a area found some very interesting items out this way including arrow heads a real presence of the past and a few ships found the point during bad weather many times following coast line bad weather. Dave & Kim


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