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Puerto Rico Fundraiser for O’Maley Teacher

Martin Del Vecchio submits-

Bianca Robinson is a Spanish teacher at O’Maley. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, USA, and her extended family still lives there. And they need help.

Have you watched the dire situation in Puerto Rico, thinking “I wish there was something direct I could to do help”?

Well this is something direct you can do to help a member of the Gloucester community.

Please click the link, check it out, and consider supporting Ms. Robinson and her family.



Our Catherine Ryan Receives Pioneer in Partnership Award!

  • Annie C. Harris, Chief Executive Officer awarded to Catherine Ryan a Pioneer in Partnership Award during the Fall Meeting of the Essex National Heritage area. Following is the wonderful description that was read about some of the work that Catherine has done in Gloucester MA.

Paline Besnahan writes-

Catherine Ryan, Arts Advisor & Writer, Gloucester: in recognition of her leadership and commitment to the region’s Cultural Heritage. With more than 30 years of experience working in the art world, Catherine has taken on many roles within the Gloucester arts community. She has worked as an independent arts advisor, a curator, a public arts consultant, an arts writer as well as a contributor to Good Morning Gloucester.  Volunteering her skills and experience, Catherine is actively engaged in and around the City of Gloucester and has served on Gloucester’s Committee of the Arts since 2012, as well as the Gloucester tourism commission. She was also instrumental in the formation of Gloucester’s Downtown Cultural District. Her work has included Gloucester’s wonderful Harborwalk, and the restoration of the magnificent WPA murals at Gloucester City hall, and her yearly cleaning and maintenance of the “Step on Fish Net” mural in the downtown, a site which annually participates in Essex Heritage’s Trails & Sails event.. Catherine works quietly – usually behind the scenes but with great drive and passion to ensure that the culture and history of the city she loves is conserved for present and future generations. She is an integral member of the community, a “team player”, who is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of art-centered initiatives on Cape Ann.

Catherine exemplifies the true spirit of partnership which is what this
award is all about.


Love That Cat Wore Her GMG Shirt To Accept The award!DSC03745


Monarchs Mating in a Milkweed Patch, Good Harbor Beach Dunes

Recently, Good Morning Gloucester reader John Steiger gave me a large bag filled with ripe milkweed seed pods collected from his garden. I had a total blast throwing the seed pods around on my early morning walk, tossing alongside the road where ever I thought milkweed might have a chance to take hold (which is easy as milkweed even takes root in sidewalk cracks).

I’d like to do more of this and Joe had the great idea to ask folks to make it a community project as we did several years ago with the milkweed and New England aster seeds and plant sales. He has again very generously offered the dock on Sunday morning after the podcast, between 10:30 and noon. If you have ripe milkweed seed pods in your garden, please bring them Sunday morning. Anyone who wants to distribute the seeds, stop by the dock and we’ll arm you with seed pods. I’ll also be collecting Joe-pye, goldenrod, and aster seeds later this fall when these wildflowers go to seed. If we get more folks dropping off bags of pods than wanting to distribute, that will be okay. I know tons more places that need milkweed and I will be happy to do the distributing. These are areas that probably at one time had milkweed and other wildflowers growing there, but they have been mowed over or taken over by bittersweet and phragmites. As people are learning more about the importance of wildflowers and pollinators, I am hoping the wildflowers will have a better chance of becoming reestablished.

Female Monarch Depositing Eggs on the Undersides of Milkweed Leaves


Collect ripe milkweed seed pods (only Common Milkweed and Marsh Milkweed please). Place in a paper bag, not plastic, as plastic can cause the seed pods to become damp.

Bring seedpods to Captain Joe and Sons on Sunday morning between 10:30 and noon. Captain Joes is located at 95 East Main Street, East Gloucester.

If you’d like to distribute seeds, meet at the dock between 10:30 and noon and I will show you what to do.

NOTE: It is easy to tell when milkweed seedpods are ripe. The seeds inside turn brown. Do not collect the pods when the seeds are white or green. If you pick them too soon, they will never be viable. You can check the seed pods by slitting the pod a tiny bit and peeking inside.

Any questions, please comment in the comment section or email me at Thank you and I hope to see you Sunday morning!

Milkweed is not only the Monarch caterpillar’s food plant, the florets are a very important source of nectar for myriad species of pollinators.

To learn more about how you can help fund the documentary Beauty on the Wing and the Monarch Butterfly Film Online Fundraising, please visit the film’s website at



Please join me Tuesday afternoon at 1pm, October 9th, for my lecture, slide presentation, and short films screening “Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly” for the Wolfeboro Garden Club. To see a complete list of programs, go to the programs page of my website at Programs and Bio.

Monarchs Awakening at Daybreak, Gloucester

The lecture will be held at the All Saints Episcopal Church, 258 South Main Street, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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