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You Say “Halibut”, I say “Haul About”

Today we went on a tour of the Babson Farm Quarry at Halibut Point State Park with John, program coordinator. If you’ve been there, you know those massive pieces of rock that you walk by???  Well, John gave us a lot of insight as to their origins and the history of quarry mining in this area.  First and foremost, he told us the original name of (what we know as ) Halibut Point was Haul About.  This phrase apparent evolved into Halibut.  Go figure.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know


The main quarry area at Halibut Point State Park is 65 feet deep and I have no idea how far across, but it’s a darn big bowl of granite.  Any waste from wildlife or 2 legged creatures has never had a chance to be removed, so it’s not a safe place to swim or for other recreation. (You’ve been warned)  Smaller mining areas, called motions, are also easily visible at the park and were generally used for things like pave stones.  We saw 2 of these in the hour we toured around the larger quarry area.  Well, to be honest, John pointed them out to us since we probably wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

When you see things like this:


it’s evidence that derricks that were built to help haul the granite out  were built in this area.  These are called “dead men”(da da daaaaaaa).  Apparently, technology (invention of concrete) and changes in workers rights (unions) were major factors in the demise of the granite quarry industry in this region.

It was fascinating and if you’d like to be similarly informed, you may still be able to catch a free tour at Halibut Point State Park before Columbus Day this year.  Please be aware parking fees have changed since July, but it’s still a great deal!

BEST EVER prenatal massages at Saltwater Massage Studio

Cape Ann Wellness

One of our favorite services to provide at Saltwater Massage Studio is prenatal massage therapy (fancy lingo for massage during pregnancy).  We have had the pleasure of supporting many Cape Ann women throughout the duration of their pregnancy and it is always so fun and special to be part of that journey.  Last week, 3 of our clients gave birth and we couldn’t be happier to welcome these sweet little babies into the world!!

When we expanded last April, we upgraded our massage tables to higher-end tables equipped with a removable insert (aka “belly hole”) that allows women to comfortably and safely lie on their stomach during their massage session.  Most women view this as an incredible gift, especially in the last 10-12 weeks of pregnancy when it becomes harder and harder to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Prenatal Massage helps address the inevitable aches and pains that come along…

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Fun day at the Topsfield Fair

This is the 199th year of the oldest Fair in the United States. I have been going for since a little girl. It is always the same and always fun. Really enjoyed a beautiful day on Sunday at the Topsfield Fair.

Cool looking sheep

Do not want to carry this around all day

Dave Fernandes 1st prize

There is always junk food

Brand new chick


love these beautiful horses

Melissa Cox photo

Audreys of Gloucester award

Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year gives $11,000 to Special Olympics

Riley James, a Junior at Barnstable High School and two time Boston Herald All Scholastic gave $1000 to a cause near and dear to her heart: Cape Cod Champs Special Olympics. She won the money from earning the distinction of Gatorade MA Volleyball Player of the Year.  Riley went on to win the national Gatorade Play it Forward contest which awarded an additional $10,000! Riley wrote about her friend, Sara, and the programs in Barnstable schools and Cape Cod Champs where she volunteers. Sara is my goddaughter.

Coach Tom Turco led the Barnstable girls volleyball team to 18 Division One State Championships, the most wins in Massachusetts girls’ volleyball history. Turco established adapted physical education in Barnstable.

“Everyone has their needs, just in different ways,” (Coach) Turco 

“You’re only as successful as the will of your players,” Turco said. “You have to practice and take time to develop the will of your players.” 


Sara loves sports and manages the high school volleyball team. Here she is #16 with the Cape Cod Champs volleyball team at Special Olympics, Harvard, Boston MA. 

The Cape Cod Champs Special Olympics equivalent organization here in Gloucester and throughout Cape Ann is Cape Ann SNAP. Learn more about the Cape Ann Special Needs Assistance Program Local  friends and supporters include: CATA, Azorean, North Shore 104.9, Dunkin Donuts, The Bridge Cape Ann, Turning Point Systems, Maplewood Car Wash, Gloucester House, Beauport ambulance, Protective Packaging, Beauport Princess, George’s of Gloucester, Beauport Princess, USA Demolition, JM Vacation Home Rentals, Prince Insurance Agency, Jalapenos, Sudbay, Passports, Katrina’s, Destinos, Wicked Peacock, Lat 43, and microfiber greens towel. Support also includes Mark Adrian, Lone Gull, Kids Unlimited, Topside Grill, Marshall’s Farmstand and the Fish Shack

Read the fabulous Riley James Cape Cod Champs essay for Gatorade Massachusetts Volleyball Player of the Year, plus a bit more inspiration from amazing Coach Turco

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