From the Go Fund Me page:

This morning people all along the coast of Texas are waking to the remnants of Hurricane Harvey and wondering how they are going to deal with the aftermath. From the few reports coming out, it can’t get worse than in our sister city Rockport, TX, with reports of a collapsed roof at the school, multiple residences flattened or flooded, and numerous casaulties and injuries.

As their neighbors in spirit, from Rockport, MA, we are looking to raise money to make an impact as they rise from the destruction Mother Nature has indiscriminantly thrown in their path. From experience, with our distance, getting first-response aid to them is nearly impossible at this time. So we are looking to make a medium or long-term investment in their recovery. We are reaching out to friends and family with contacts in Rockport to determine what projects we can make the most impact on. We will take a poll before making the final contribution.

Initial ideas for final donation:
– School system to aid in the repair of the High School that was heavily damaged or replacement of damaged books, etc.
– Senior center with damaged roof
– Volunteer Fire Department (from our volunteer FD)

CNN Photo


  1. Excellent Job GMG and Rockport think there will be funding coming from out way also! I have a friend in the Red Cross this way I’ll talk to when I see him…Because their are so many military members from Texas here right now mater of fact I know a LT. Col who is heading back to Texas Houston area and all the National Guard in Texas called up also!

    Thanks for the post!

    Dave:-( & Kim 😦


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